The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 7

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • H.R. 8438: The Story of a Lost Boy
    This drama is the true story of Anton Steigerwald, a war orphan who's believed to be the child of an American who served in Yugoslavia during the war. Elizabeth Steigerwald, now living in Philadelphia, has her daughter, Maria, bring her son Johann back to America. Maria, instead, brings Anton, fully aware that he is not Johannn. Anton's sister contacts Mrs. Steigerwald and tells her the truth, though she has known it all along. U.S. authorities bring the real Johann over and, as of this episode's airing, Anton was awaiting the passage of bill H.R. 3438 to stay in America.moreless
  • The Second Family
    The Second Family
    Episode 18
    This drama is based on actual events at an "average" American high school in Eastchester, New York. Gordon Lacklin, the school's top teacher, is offered a higher paying job and must choose between staying or going. Douglas MacDonald, the principal, considers dismissing a teacher who can't control her classroom.
  • Devil at the Door
    Devil at the Door
    Episode 17
    The true story of American soldier Richard Tenneson is dramatized in this episode. Tenneson was captured by the Communists during the Korean war and refused repatriation after fighting ended. His mother, Portia Howe, makes a trip to Tokyo, working through red tape in an effort to visit her son in Korea.moreless
  • Seventy-Three Seconds Into Space
    This episode tells the true events surrounding the development of the Viking rocket and it's use in the conquest of space.
  • The Case of Colonel Petrov
    This is the true story of Colonel Vladimir Petrov, the chief of the Russian Secret Police. Petrov wants to defect, but his wife is a firm believer in communism. He befriends Dr. Michael Bialoguski of Australian Intelligence who helps him get away and arranges for Petrov's wife to be flown "Down Under" on the pretext that her husband was killed by Australian authorities. The couple is successfully reunited and the colonel provides many useful details on the Soviet's spy efforts in Australia.moreless
  • A Baby Named X
    A Baby Named X
    Episode 14
    Three couples are hoping for a new child in this episode set at the real Spence-Chapin Adoption Service of New York. After a woman arrives to put her newborn up for adoption, a case worker determines the fitness of each of the couples to become parents. One couple changes their minds, one is found unfit and the third takes "Baby X" into their home and their hearts.moreless
  • Five Who Shook the Mighty
    This episode dramatizes the true story of five Romanian patriots who, in February 1955, took over the Communist Romanian Legation in Berne, Switzerland. Their purpose was to protest the treatment of their fellow Romanians. During the 48 hours they hold the Legation, they release a secret Communist code to the press, striking a huge blow to Russia's spy effort. The five agree to surrender only after being assured that they will be tried in Switzerland and not sent back to Romania. At this show's airing, the five were awaiting trial in Berne.moreless
  • Man in Shadow
    Man in Shadow
    Episode 12
    Paul Foster gave up his engineering career to take over his Dad's insurance business. Unfortunately, he's not cut out for the job and soon he, and the business, are failing. After hitting his secretary and accusing her of spying, a psychiatrist diagnoses Paul as having had a mental breakdown, coupled with paranoia. His wife, Ruth, has him committed to a hospital and eventually treatment and the prescription of new drugs allows him to cope with his problems and return to his life.moreless
  • Terror at My Heels
    Terror at My Heels
    Episode 11
    The true story of American pilot Lt. Melvin Shadduck, who was captured during the Korean War. Housed in a tent with four other Americans, he finds them suffering from inadequate food and medical care. Shadduck spends time foraging for food, virtually ignored by his Chinese guards. Eventually he escapes and meets a Chinese boy who contacts American authorities. Shadduck's heroism continues as he refuses hospital care until his fellow prisoners are saved.moreless
  • The Third Ear
    The Third Ear
    Episode 10
    A writer invades a family's privacy when he uses wiretapping to get information about a man's business practices.
  • Ward Three: Four P.M. to Midnight: The St. Luke's Hospital Story
    This drama, presented documentary-style, gives a "day in the life" view of Ward Three, the Women's Ward, of Luke's Hospital in New York City. Night head nurse Sally Lacey leads this shift. Amoung the patients seen: Miss Mickler, an unpleasant woman who makes life difficult for the nurses; a young Puerto Rican woman, Elena Ampuero, who's suffering from malnutrition; and Mrs. Kafka, a mother who is more interested in the health of her two children at home than she is about her hepatitis.moreless
  • Nightmare in Red
    Nightmare in Red
    Episode 7
    Russia during the first half of the 20th Century is profiled using newsreel clips, scenes from feature films, and never-before seen footage smuggled out from behind the Iron Curtain. Among the historical figures featured are Stalin, Lenin, Trotsky, Vishinsky, Molotov, and the Czar.
  • I Was Accused: The George Voskovec Story
    Television actor George Voskovec portrays himself in this story from his life. He spent ten months on Ellis Island after he was accused of being a Communist by a fellow Czechslovakian. He was finally allowed to re-enter the country when he was able to clear his name.
  • The Town that Refused to Die
    The town of Sanford, Maine faced a bleak future when its biggest employer, a textile mill, closed its doors. State Senator Carl Broggi quit his government job to help the locals attract additional industry to the town.
  • Saturday Visit
    Saturday Visit
    Episode 4
    This episode is a composite of true-life stories from the Family Service Association of America. A failed businessman leaves, vowing not to return home until he can adequately provide for his family.
  • Minding Our Own Business
    After losing his job when a Chicago newspaper closes, a man and his wife decide to fulfill their life-long ambition by moving to a small town and publishing a local newspaper. The town's residents seem disinterested in the family and their publication until their son comes down with polio.
  • Lost: $2,000,000,000: The Diary of 'Diane'
    This episode follows the destruction and mayhem caused by Hurricane Diane. The story follows the National Weather Bureau's chief forecaster, Reinhardt Schmidt, as he tracks the storm. Interwoven is the story of immigrants Josephina and her brother Sebastiano who ride out the storm in Connecticut. Throughout, the "voice" of Diane describes her devastation.moreless
  • The Strange War of Sergeant Kreuzer
    In the season premiere, an Army sergeant is sent to Korea to work at the United Nations Civil Assistance Command. His job is to collect orphans wandering about Seoul and bring them into the safety of orphanages. The sergeant encounters problems with one particular twelve-year-old gang leader.