The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 8

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • The Hunted: The Eva Soreny Story
    Eva Soreny is considered Hungary's greatest actress. This is the true story of her escape from the Russians following last November's Hungarian revolt.
    Eva is preparing Othello at the Budapest National Theater when the rebellion begins. (She has been secretly working with members of the revolution.) Following the invasion, a Soviet officer arranges a meeting with star; the Russians would love to have her as part of their propaganda effort. That's when Eva and her husband decide to escape the country with their children.moreless
  • Counterfeit, Inc.
    Counterfeit, Inc.
    Episode 18
    The art of counterfeiting, and of the Secret Service that captures those who do, is dramatized. The story follows the path of funny money, from the "manufacturer" through the "passer", the "distributor", and the "banker" who runs the operation.
  • Three Cents Worth of Fear
    United States postal inspectors search for the writer of numerous threatening letters. Along the way, they solve a robbery and a lost-and-found issue.
  • Day of Disaster: Riker's Island
    This episode dramatizes the events of February 1, 1957 when an airliner crashed just outside of Riker's Island Penitentiary in New York City. The inmates who helped in the rescue efforts faced many temptations and many displayed heroism.
  • Night Court
    Night Court
    Episode 15
    This fact-based drama highlights a "typical" night at New York's famous Night Court. At the City Magistrate's Court, minor crimes and issues are taken care of.
  • Slow Assassination: Perón Vs. La Prensa
    This drama tells the real life story of an independent newspaper's fight against Argentina's dictator Juan Perón. Dr. Alberto Gainza Paz, owner and publisher of the newspaper La prensa, was forced to close down his publication. He found refuge abroad where he continued working until Perón's downfall. At that time he returned to Argentina and reestablished La prensa and freedom of the press.moreless
  • Arson: File #732
    Arson: File #732
    Episode 13
    This is a drama based on the work of the Fire Marshal's Office of Nassau County, Long Island, New York. A case history is presented about the solution of an arson for profit case, which goes into all the details of the fire and investigations to the apprehension of the "torch."moreless
  • Four Homes for Danny
    This is the story of an unloved and misunderstood child, Danny, and the homes in which he lives and tries to find himself. He begins to be difficult at home and in class, but his nagging parents never think they might be partly responsible. He is sent to the New England Home for Little Wanderers, where friendly teachers and psychiatrists study but do not change youngsters' behavior. A temporary foster home is arranged for Danny. With the help of case workers, his parents change their feelings about their responsibilities to Danny and when he returns, he feels he will stay.moreless
  • The Trial of Poznan
    The Trial of Poznan
    Episode 10
    Three participants in the anti-Communist riots held in Poznan, Poland are placed on trial. The resulting spectacle lead to the condemnation of the crooked regime ruling the city.
  • Error in Judgment: The Case of Prisoner #16688
    True-life drama of a young lawyer's untiring efforts to free a man he believes was unjustly convicted. The lawyer, Bob Gorman, examines the file of Roy Eaton, who has been serving time since 1940 in Joliet, Illinois for armed robbery. Eaton, bitter over the system which he feels discriminates against the poor and illiterate, is distrustful of the lawyer's efforts to prove there is equal justice under the law. The date for a re-trial is long since past and the State of Illinois must give a waiver. Barney Moran is responsible for this decision and he grants it. The evidence is submitted to the judge and Eaton is proclaimed innocent. At the end, Gorman speaks briefly on the fact that convicted people have rights and they must not be abrogated.moreless
  • The Freedom Fighters of Hungary
    Dramatization of how three strangers, Anna Percelz, Sandor Fisvek and Ferenc Lukacs, become part of a force fighting a common enemy. The drama traces the heroic and tragic paths each follows until they meet to stand against the overwhelming power of the invading Soviet forces.
  • Divorcées Anonymous
    A drama of a woman on the verge of divorce and how Divorcees Anonymous, a Chicago organization, deals with such cases. The organization tries along with two divorced women to make the woman on the verge of divorce realize how much better it is to stay married. With the aid of Sam Starr, a Chicago attorney, they bring about a reconciliation. At the conclusion, Sam Starr speaks briefly about the pressing problem of divorce today.moreless
  • Operation Deep Freeze: Crash of the Otter
    Operation Deep Freeze was the largest expedition yet to the Antarctic. Part of that team were the seven men of the Otter, a plane that crashed on the continent during a blizzard. In this dramatization of actual events, Lt. Comm. Glen H. Lathrop, Jr. and his men fight the cold and scarcity of food to stay alive until a rescue team arrives. Produced with help from the Department of Defense and the Navy.moreless
  • Search, Seizure and Arrest
    A dramatization of the actual operations of a customs enforcement squad on a ship as it tracks down a man trying to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Inspector Michaels boards a ship from Morocco and leads his squad in searching out the narcotics. They find some in the coat of a crew member named Alvin and hidden in various places on the ship. Michaels turns over the case to the Customs agents.moreless
  • Flight #387 from Budapest
    A group of Hungarians attempt to escape to West Germany in this dramatization of a true story. Polyak assembles a group that wants to leave, with the plan of commandeering a plane to take them to freedom. The man who's supposed to bring the gun doesn't show up, but they decide to take over the plane anyway and fly to West Germany.moreless
  • Flare Up
    Flare Up
    Episode 3
    The true story of a polio outbreak in Chicago is dramatized in this episode. The president of the Chicago Board of Health, Dr. Herman Bundesen, makes the risky decision to administer shots during the outbreak. One early victim is young Miguel Rico, who dies after receiving only one of the three required Salk vaccine shots. His father, Tomas, is sure he got the disease from the vaccine and warns other parents not to allow the vaccinations. Eventually, Tomas' wife convinces him that Miguel died because he had received only one of the shots and they have finally have their daughter vaccinated.moreless
  • S.O.S. from the Andrea Doria
    Film clips and re-enactments dramatize this story of the July 1956 sinking of the luxury liner Andrea Doria after colliding with the Stockholm. The events of that evening are told though the experiences of three real-life passengers: Dr. Thure C. Peterson, returning from a European vacation with his wife who died in the wreckage; Lillyana Dooner, a young bride who jumped 100 feet into the ocean to save her three-year old; and Giovanni Rovelli, a stewart aboard the ship who was saving to send his son to school.moreless
  • The Bystander
    The Bystander
    Episode 1
    In the season premiere, a photographer finds himself involved in a rescue mission after witnessing an abduction in East Germany.