The Armstrong Circle Theatre - Season 9

NBC (ended 1963)




Episode Guide

  • Twelve Cases of Murder
    Guns being shipped via train are missing, though the car carrying them shows no signs of entry. There's a break in the case when one of the firearms shows up in a pawnshop.
  • Kidnap Story: Hold for Release!
    A successful real estate kingpin is kidnapped and held for ransom. His family is ordered not to take the story to the press, so they're afraid to contact the police. But, they don't know how they're going to raise the amount the kidnappers are demanding.
  • Accused of Murder
    Accused of Murder
    Episode 16
    An innocent man practically has his life destroyed by circumstantial evidence. Police use systematic mental torture to get a murder confession out of this man, though he was in no way involved.
  • The Vanished
    The Vanished
    Episode 15
    The real-life American, John Nobel, was unjustly imprisoned by the Russians and sent to a slave-labor camp in bleak Vorkuta. He was assigned such back-breaking tasks as mining coal with his bare hands. Eventually he does make it out alive as the story builds to a climax.
  • The Trusted Thief
    The Trusted Thief
    Episode 14
    Needing cash to keep up with his expenses, and seeing his bonus cut, an office manager begins secretly borrowing money from the company. He begins with just $500, but before it's over, he's dipped into the company for $75,000.
  • The Meanest Crime in the World
    A quack physician claims to be able to help cancer patients, which keeps them from seeking the proper medical care they actually need. He also claims to cure others of the dread disease, even though they never had cancer in the first place.
  • Thirty Days to Reconsider
    This semi-documentary shows the efforts of social workers in the court of conciliation, part of the Los Angeles superior court. Under the court's supervision, workers try to save shaky marriages before they end up in divorce court.
  • The New Class: The Book Heard Round the World
    This episode analyzes the current best-selling book "The New Class". It looks at how the present Communist state has devolved from a grandiose principle into a power-hungry bureaucracy.
  • U.F.O.: The Enigma of the Skies
    Douglas Edwards narrates this filmed examination of the UFO phenomenon with eyewitnesses who have reported seeing the mysterious craft interviewed. A military official tells how the Air Force investigates the reports and how they've concluded most are misidentified weather balloons, jets and simple mirages. The episode wraps with the opinions of scientists, some of whom believe we are being visited by beings from outer space.moreless
  • The Mummy Complex
    The Mummy Complex
    Episode 8
    Based on a true story, a Brooklyn museum curator runs into comical problems as he tries to get rid of a 1600-year-old mummy he no longer needs.
  • The Shepherd of Paris
    During the coldest winter on record, French preist Abbe Pierre goes to work to house the homeless, poor and refugeed in post-war Paris. His petition to Parliament for one billion franks to build emergency holes finally proves successful when they grant him ten billion.
  • Thief of Diamonds
    Thief of Diamonds
    Episode 6
    A smooth criminal sets up a jewel heist at a Las Vegas hotel and then catches a plane to New York to await the arrival of the gems.
  • Have Jacket Will Travel
    American families enter into the process of adopting European and Asian war orphans. One particular child lives in Korea and is shunned by his people because of his American soldier father and his "fallen woman" mother.
  • John Doe #154
    John Doe #154
    Episode 4
    A man wakes up in a Detroit bus station with no idea how he got there or who he is.
  • Assignment: Junkies' Alley
    A policewoman in Philadelphia is sent undercover to pose as a drug addict. She buys "horse" and has dealings with thieves, pushers, prostitutes and the like before the police come in to make arrests.
  • Crisis on Tangier Island
    A minister attempts to recruit a physician for his small Chesapeake Bay fishing village off the Maryland coast. After three years of efforts, he finally succeeds.
  • Buried 2000 Years: The Dead Sea Scrolls
    In the season premiere, Israeli actor Joseph Yadin portrays his father, archaeologist Eleazer Skulnik, in this factual story about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Skulnik came into possession of several of the scrolls and was one of the first to realize their significance. Eventually, the documents are returned to Israel on the same day the United Nations declared the country free.moreless