The Arsenio Hall Show

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The Arsenio Hall Show

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"The Arsenio Hall Show" was a variety talk show hosted by Arsenio Hall. Michael Wolff was the band leader. The show ran 60 minutes every night starting at 11:30 EST. One of the best known episodes is the one in which then Governor Bill Clinton played his saxaphone. The show was cancelled shortly after Bill Clinton was elected president. Arsenio relied on Dan Quayle for so many of his jokes that when Quayle was gone he had trouble coming up with new jokes and the show just died out.


    The Arsenio Hall Show Is Canceled, Three Months After Being Renewed

    The late-night talk show was initially picked up for a second season in February.


    News Briefs: Supernatural: Tribes Is Hiring Everyone Who Used to Be On The Vampire Diaries

    Plus: The FLOTUS is visiting Pawnee, Arsenio is renewed for Season 2, and Key & Peele are headed to Fargo.

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    • i don't think that they should have not taken off the Arsenio Hall show, it seems that evrytime something good come on the tube and befor you know it, it's off the air. why is that they always take shows off the television especially the ones we enjoy.moreless

      the Arsenio Hall Show was crisp, new, and very funny. He always had excellent guests on the show i never went to bed until after i watch his show, the audience participation was also something good he use to do if he was to come back i would be a faithful fan once again. thanks Shaggydog
    • The Arsenio Hall Show was a huge leap forward for Urban America. Not only was it entertaining, but it was also emporwering. It gave many individuals a nationally televised platform that they would have otherwise not had.moreless

      In its initial years, The Arsenio Hall Show rode the wave of what dubs "The New Jack Era." Between the years 1987 and 1992, a cultural revolution based out of Harlem, NY emerged to influence the entire country through expressions of music, television, and film. The music was called New Jack Swing. The television was represented by In Living Color, A Different World, and The Arsenio Hall Show, among others. And films like House Party, Boomerang, and New Jack City were among the celluloid manisfestations. In the early part of the New Jack Era, the creators of the culture were able to control much of it. Including Arsenio. By 1991 however, corporate America definitely wanted a piece, supporting Mariah Carey to replace Whitney Houston, Vanilla Ice to replace MC Hammer, C&C Music Factory to replace Snap, and ultimately, grunge music to supplant New Jack Swing. By 1992, the vibrant New Jack culture that fueled much of Arsenio's appeal was waning substantially. Caught between the angry, unapolgetically negative ethos of gangsta rap and the decidedly 'anything-but-urban' grunge movement, The Arsenio Hall was finished. But it's value as a time capsule of an era that once was has yet to be fully realized. Like the 10 year period of Reconstruction after the Civil War, The Arsenio Hall Show (like the New Jack Era in general) represents an amazingly forward-thinking period of time before the winds of change set the clock back for a number of years before the current hegemony of New Jack figures such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sean Combs, and L.A. Reid returned to re-instate the upwardly mobile urban mindset that the New Jack Era so staunchily represented.moreless
    • This show was pure entertainment . . .

      Arsenio was a great host. His jokes were always topical and funny- and having a host that wasn't like your typical late nite guy was refreshing. The barking and fist pumping did get old after a while, but if they phased that out, and kept revamping the show- I really don't see why he couldn't have lasted a lot longer. He was a lot funnier than Jay Leno is now. And Dave Letterman leaves a lot to be desired sometimes, since he targets mostly older audiences. Now, the only late night show that younger people have is The Daily Show and Jimmy Kimmel ( I know Arsenio is funnier than that guy).

      Now, I realize my classification should be "Bring it Back!"moreless
    • once a popular show

      i never really liked this show, but it was not made to appeal to me in the first place. it was ground breaking at first. it was the first successful late night talk show to star an african american host. it also was designed to appeal to the african american late night tv watcher and steal a few viewers away from jay and dave. which it did for a few years.moreless

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