The Art Chest

PBS (ended 1981)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Summer Craft Ideas
      Summer Craft Ideas
      Episode 32
    • T-Shirt Designs
      T-Shirt Designs
      Episode 31
    • Paper Sculptured Birds
    • Egg Decorations
      Egg Decorations
      Episode 29
    • Corsage for Mom
      Corsage for Mom
      Episode 28
    • Our Bunny Friends
      Our Bunny Friends
      Episode 27
    • Paper Bag Puppets
      Paper Bag Puppets
      Episode 26
    • Pipe Cleaner People
    • Free Painting
      Free Painting
      Episode 24
      Out of the Art Chest is pulled a crumpled piece of paper Mihuta calls an "I can't do it." Mihuta says that art projects are not failures, but merely experiments. Thus he experiments with paints. He calls this "free painting" because it doesn't require drawing an outline for anything.
    • Free Drawing
      Free Drawing
      Episode 23
      Out of the Art Chest comes a sheet of paper, crayons, and something wild: imagination. Imagination improves the more it is used. And it's important on the techniques used here. Mihuta does scribble art, from which objects can be seen and worked on. Then he uses letters and numbers for the basis of drawing objects.moreless
    • Wet Chalk
      Wet Chalk
      Episode 22
      What do you do with old colored chalk? Mihuta does a wet-chalk drawing, writing his paper before applying the chalk.
    • Your Very Own Mailbox
      Out of the Art Chest is a letter that Mihuta wants to deliver. He uses construction paper to make a mail truck.
    • Finger Paint Designs
      Mihuta uses a starch-solution as a base on his piece of paper before practicing his finger-paint techniques.
    • String Painting
      String Painting
      Episode 19
      For the only time in the series, Mihuta brings in two guests to help in an art lesson. One helps to pat a wet string into a small bowl of paint. The other squeezes excess paint off the string with sponges. Mihuta lays the string on one half of a piece of folded paper. Then he and one helper keep their hands down on the paper while the other helper pulls the string out. And just look at the artwork they made.moreless
    • Blow Painting
      Blow Painting
      Episode 18
      Mihuta gets tempera paint out of the Art Chest. This time, he blows out of straws to spread the paint out for this project.
    • Fold Painting
      Fold Painting
      Episode 17
      Out of the Art Chest comes a jittery paper butterfly. Mihuta points out its symmetry. It's all made from folding paper which has paint on one half.
    • Scrap Printing
      Scrap Printing
      Episode 16
      Out of the Art Chest comes a tray of scrap materials: spools, blocks, a golf tee, a sponge, and an eraser. Mihuta uses these things for a painting project. Dab paint on one side of these objects and press them on paper. That's scrap printing.
    • What's Going on at Your House?
      Imagine a drawing of a house. Mihuta folds a piece of paper and cuts it to have an outside drawing of a house lift up to reveal the inside drawing.
    • Santa Claus Christmas Tree
      Mihuta takes one sheet of construction paper to make a Christmas tree on one side and a Santa Claus on the other.
    • Making Your Own Wrapping Paper
      Out of the Art Chest is a gift for Mihuta, wrapped in homemade wrapping paper. He demonstrates how the unique design was made, doing a crayon rub over a cutout placed all over (or under) a piece of paper.
    • Clay Bowls
      Clay Bowls
      Episode 12
      Mihuta wears an apron to begin working with clay. At the outset, he wedges the clay to drive out the air bubbles. Then he forms the clay into a ball, makes a hole in it, and uses his thumb and forefinger to check the thickness. All this to make a clay bowl without a potter's wheel.moreless
    • Making It With Paper Strips
      Inside the Art Chest is a paper-sculptured bird. Mihuta tells viewers of the upcoming lesson: choose paper strips with three different colors to make an animal structure of some sort.
    • Stylized People
      Stylized People
      Episode 10
      Mihuta draws the outline of a person, with no facial details or creases in clothing. That is what "stylized" means: simple. Mihuta cuts out two stylized people in preparation for a Thanksgiving-themed place mat.
    • Like Van Gogh
      Like Van Gogh
      Episode 9
      Mihuta shows a photo reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night. The Impressionistic period inspires this crayon art lesson.
    • Paper Tearing
      Paper Tearing
      Episode 8
      What good is a torn piece of paper? A lot, especially if it's in the Art Chest. Mihuta tears certain pieces of construction paper and cuts other paper with scissors, depending on the feel of an object in his picture.
    • Face Decorations
      Face Decorations
      Episode 7
      Out of the Art Chest comes an Alaskan eskimo mask. Mihuta makes a face decoration of his own with construction paper.
    • Sponge Paintings
      Sponge Paintings
      Episode 6
      Out of the Art Chest come two paintings, one of a tree and one of flowers. The instrument responsible for such an intricate feel? The sponge. Mihuta uses a tiny sponge to create a textured feel to his painting.
    • Colored Chalk
      Colored Chalk
      Episode 5
      Mihuta illustrates the difference between chalk and crayons. This precedes the major lesson, involving one's finger, wrapped in a paper towel, to smear chalk to fit one's design.
    • Drawing Animals
      Drawing Animals
      Episode 4
      Out of the Art Chest comes a teddy bear. Mihuta talks of the contour method, thinking of the animal as he draws it. But in this program, Mihuta draws the dog with circles and rectangles as structure lines.
    • Beginning Design
      Beginning Design
      Episode 3
      The best kind of design may be the pretty kind, according to some. Mihuta begins his design by cutting symmetric pieces of paper and glues them down. He wants his design to be pure: something that doesn't remind him of anything else.
    • Drawing Without Lines
      Rather than copy the "coloring book" principles, Mihuta draws figures with no outlines. He shows techniques for drawing trees and other natural objects when no outline is there.
    • Beginning Free Brush
      Dan Mihuta introduces the Art Chest and begins the show with lessons on the paintbrush. He introduces line concepts, varying the thickness of brush strokes. Various strokes make up a railroad tie.