The Artful Detective

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The Artful Detective

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This award-winning Canadian/UK TV drama series, originally titled as Murdoch Mysteries, aired in Canada on City TV before moving to CBC for Season 6. It is based on Maureen Jennings’ Detective Murdoch novels. Beginning on July 27 2013, the Ovation network in the U.S. started broadcasting Season 1 of the series under the retitled name "The Artful Detective". On April 4, 2014, CBC has renewed Murdoch Mysteries for an eighth season. For further details on this series, see Murdoch Mysteries.

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AIRED ON 7/7/2009

Season 1 : Episode 2

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  • The Artful Defective

    I'm very disappointed that this show have given Dr Grace a lesbian direction. This is a period series, taking place at the turn of the last century, and this would not be something that would be socially accepted. Communities may have know people that they suspected of being homosexual, but they would NEVER talk about it so openly. And if those in authority found out Dr Grace was homosexual, she would have lost her job! And they weren't called 'gays'. That term had a very different meaning to the general public back then. So sad to see the producers go this direction. I have enjoyed this show so much, but now questions if I even want to watch it anymore.moreless
  • Why No New Season Release in America

    It seems we here in America never seem to get the new season releases of The Artful Detective.

    Right now you are showing last season; season 8. What good is that?

    This show has such a HUGE following!

    What can we as the American public do to get each season as it previews?

    Take a look at the numbers.

    YOU are LOOSING huge dollars by this missed opportunity!

    We are having to settle to watch it on Amazon Prime or other paid per view websites.

    That's revenue that could be in YOUR pockets!!


    Sherry Darnell

    Sent from my iPhonemoreless
  • Artful Detective lost forever!

    Why in the world does the Homosexual world of perverts insist on destroying anything and everything enjoyable to the NORMAL and DECENT viewers. My family, my five brothers and five sisters families will NEVER AGAIN WATCH "The Artful Detective".
  • Our favorite show is ruined!

    Our favorite show, the only decent show on tv is now ruined. Why does every tv show have to have gays in it?????? We told everyone we know this is the best show on tv until this episode.

    Why did they have to make Dr Grace gay???

    We are so disappointed. Nothing is sacred anymore.
  • Dr Grace Character

    Why does the character have to be a lesbian? This ruins the show which I have enjoyed.

    Was this done to generate more interest in the show? If it was the opposite will occur as many viewers will no longer watch the show. Sad

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