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    • Richard Tuttle
      Richard Tuttle
      Episode 20090515
      Arts & Entertainment Connect The Artist's Studio: Richard Tuttle * * May 14, 2009 * Art & Entertainment, * Artist's Studio, * Betty Parsons Gallery, * New York, * post-minimalism, * Richard Tuttle ShareThis * Content Host Arne Glimcher talks with artist Richard Tuttle in his New York studio. Richard Tuttle, a prolific postminimalist, has been a favorite of serious art collectors and an "artist's artist" since he first showed at the Betty Parsons gallery in the mid-1960s. As Richard opens up to Arne, he discusses the serendipity of his career, the dichotomy in his work between humility and grandeur, and his belief that artists never truly understand their own work.moreless
    • Eric Fischl
      Eric Fischl
      Episode 20090514
      Host Arne Glimcher talks with painter and sculptor, Eric Fischl in his Hamptons studio. An art student in the early 70s, Fischl bucked the abstract, minimalist trajectory of contemporary art and returned to the figure, to narrative, to realism. His suburban tableaux, beach scenes, and domestic portraits are tinged with violence and brimming with eroticism and humanity.moreless
    • Chuck Close
      Chuck Close
      Episode 20090305
      Arne Glimcher presents this series on great living artists. The first film in the series focuses on Chuck Close, one of the major painters of the late 20th century. Following the artist into his studio, and listening as he speaks to his longtime friend and gallerist Arne Glimcher, we are able to present a relaxed and informal portrait of Chuck Close, his work and methods. From his studio space, to the hanging and unveiling of an exhibition the film shows the artist at work and in conversation, discussing the people, places and artists that have influenced and inspired his work, his inspiration in nature, in the art of past civilizations and the work of artists still producing today.moreless
    • John Chamberlain
      John Chamberlain
      Episode 20090304
      A studio tour and interview with artist John Chamberlain by Arne Glimcher.