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  • Guity pleasure.

    Liked when it was on.
  • please shoot me in the head

    why did anyone think this was a good idea? it is bad enough that we had a show about jessica and her husband. but no, someone thought we needed more. ashlee simpson is a no talent moron. i just hope her fifteen minutes are getting close to being over. if i never hear of her again it will be too soon.
  • Why God, Why???

    Ya know, the only good thing about a nuclear war would be and end to the airing of mindless celebrity 'reality' series like this!

    It would almost be worth stumbling thru radioactive rubble, combing thru the ruins of civilization looking for food and supplies to put an end to totally worthless junk like this and the one with her clueless sister and ex husband Nick.

    With cable TV its just one of these things after another. Things like this are a sign of the impending Pocky-clypse as the little kid said in MAD MAX 3: BEYOND THUNDERDOME. In fact that would be a series I would watch.
  • A stupid rip off of things before it.

    Just another stupid show that should have never seen the light of day. Ashlee Simpson was never too popular and was merely riding off the fame of her sister (another person who lost her flair soon after she reached the spot light). The show, as expected, bombed (in my opinion), and just wasn't anything special. This genre is played out way to much, and we need to move on. How could they sink so low and choose a person such as this? At least pick someone who isn't fake and isn't a fad, as Ashlee clearly is and was. Typical MTV, which has degraded very much in the past decade.
  • The Ashlee Simpson Show is a good show.

    This show is about the wonderful singer, Ashlee Simpson. It shows us the making of her debut album and her day to day life. I think that The Ashlee Simpson Show was really fun to watch. I'm a fan of Ashlee's and I'm glad that she had her own show. I love the show and I can understand why Ashlee didn't want it to run for more than two years, it would get really annoying if video camera's follow you around everywhere you go, even in your own home. I think Ashlee is an awesome singer and I love her whole personality. It was great to watch a celebrity actually act like a normal human being. Overall I think that.
  • I like Ashley Simpson better then Jessica Simpson...

    I think that the Ashley Simpson show is better then Newly Weds Nick and Jessica cause Jessica was just plain STUPID!!! People think it's an act I just think it was just how stupid she could be. As for Ashley she isn't as stupid as her sister and I love her music I can dance and sing to it and it has such a live beat to it all completly different from her sister's music which is just too churchy and put's me to sleep. I love her hair style and she is just so fun to love and would probably be cool to hang with. Her sister just has the huge smile,dumb mind,and huge boobs I guess every mans dreams..... Well I like Ashley I probably wou;ld like Jessica too but she shouldn't have acted soooo stupid on her show.
  • The Ashlee Simpson show

    The Ashlee Simpson show was a pretty good tv show. I was kind of mad that they stopped this show. I actually kind of liked this show, because I am a Ashlee Simpson fan and I love her music. She's really pretty too. I liked seeing this show because it showed Ashlee at work, doing photo shoots and making music videos. It was cool because it was the real Ashlee Simpson, she wasn't acting, she was just doing the regular things she has to do to become a really great singer. I don't see why a lot of people didn't like it. It wasn't boring to watch. I liked it.
  • Celebrity reality shows are a complete waste of time.

    I think Jessica is more beautiful than Ashlee. I like some of Ashlee's music but none of Jessica's. I think Jessica's show is better than this show. In fact, I think both shows suck. What is the point of shows like these? What message are they trying to send? Celebrity reality shows don't teach anything but to show what celebrities do everyday which I think is boring to watch. It is not dramatic nor emotional. I think that singers are really untalented actors and actresses and aren't made for television. MTV is cheap and is a complete waste of time... except for the music. Celebrity reality shows are a complete waste of time.
  • Easily the best reality show produced by MTV.

    Finally MTV have produced a reality show with a fresh face - Ashlee Simpson. Though perhaps this show is completely pointless it's easily the best and surpasses Britney & Kevin's terrible debut. It is obvious that Ashlee used this show to jump-start her career but it's brilliant that finally this isn't someone trying to revive theirs such as her sister Jessica's Newlyweds. However, this show has it's flaws. For starters not much actually happens except Ashlee getting into hot water over her singing voice. Even if this show really has no purpose I still think it's great and is the diary of a very talented singer.

  • Being a huge Ashlee Simpson fan myself, I love this show.

    If you love Ashlee Simpson, this is definitely the show for you. I personally love this show because I am a big Ashlee fan.

    The first season follows Ashlee as she embarks on the journey to complete her debut album, Autobiography. As the show gets into it's second season, it shows how Ashlee is handling her new life as a star.

    It's a great show for anyone who plans on being famous someday because it shows what life is like when living the normal life (season one) and the drastic change it brings when you become a high-profile celebrity (season two).

    I love this show and I love Ashlee. I sure hope there is a DVD release in the near future.
  • A reality show that follows Ashlee Simpson, lil sister to Jessica as she embarks on a record deal.

    Ashlee Simpson is a kick-back kinda chick, always up for some fun and games. Her reality show lets you in on her career, as she writes, and sings her way to some number one hits, hopefully. She comes up against a few road blocks along the way, like throat problems, and lip sync-gate on Saturday Night Live. She takes us onher goofy excursions to ballet class, with her girlfriends, and laugh with her and her friends through the entire session. We watch her and her man Josh end their relationship. Which was probably the best thing for Ashlee, he didnt seem too into her anyway. Poor thing was in a one sided love affair, that was out there for the world to see. Oh well, on to other fish, and that would be Ryan Cabrerra....NEXT!!! They took their friendship to the next level, and once again, she seems to be the only one in love there. Hes kinda a goofy guy, and she seems to be irritating him. Ashlee needs a lot of attention and reassurance, we come to realize. All that being said, the show also points out the strong family bonds that surround her, and a solid group of female friends. Ashlee rose to stardom during this series, and through the ups and downs, was great to watch a star be a human. Her mistakes, breakups, throat issues, and public flubs were not edited, just credited towards her life. Even her sibling rivalry is touched upon, that is honest reality television.
  • Its pretty cool.

    Ashlee Simpson shows us whats it like to be her. And let me tell ya, its looks pretty good. She shows us that she's not like other clebperties, who spend all their time shopping, and getting knocked up, but she sings to other people and we hear her sing live. So she oes not have other people sing for her. Ashlee lets us know the real her, and not just let the tabloids lie about her.
  • The Ashlee Simpson Show Rox!!!!! :)

    The Ashlee Simpson Show was an great show. Im a huge fan of Ashlee Simpson, I love her music and I wish her show was still on. She is an idol of mine. I love it how she is herself now and barely know as jessica's sister anymore. I love how the show showed into her life. I wish that Ashlee had of kept going with the show...... I miss it. :(! My favorite song is Boyfriend and Surrender. Also I think people need to back off her about the whole SNL thing. She had to lip sync and its not like shes the first to do that. Ashlee You Rock!!
  • The Ashlee SImpson Show is a show that displays the life of the sister of the famous music star, Jessica Simpson. Although her little sister leaves much to be desired in terms of playing up to the fans, this show is better left not to be watched.

    The Ashlee Simpson Show, is a show that portrays the life of Jessica's little sister, and her everyday life, and hardships, this show would be better if, it was spiced up a bit, although some of her songs are good, I believe that this venture towards the TV audience, was a little soon in coming, and this is why I think that it would need some serious fine tuning to be a good show.
  • Why would anyone watch this?

    Ashlee Simpson is not at all talented. She appears to be quite intelligent, but only when compared to her dim-witted sister. Every interview I’ve seen, Ashlee certainly doesn’t seem to reach the level of what could be considered to be average intelligence.

    Why would someone make an entire show about a not very bright girl with very little talent? The answer is clearly because she is attractive. Maybe she should do an exercise program where she just works out and maybe shows off some cool dance moves while wearing tight shorts and a cut-off t-shirt. Now, I could understand the point of a show like that.
  • I watched this show when I liked Ashlee Simpson....

    but now, I don't really like her anymore. I miss seeing her going through her times. It reminded me a lot about my life minus the whole singing thing and the famous sister. I went through similar problems that she did. I really miss watching it and I hope I find a show that I can relate to again.
  • Seems like a stupid show to watch but becomes highly addicting.

    I never liked Ashlee Simpson. I just finished watching another show and went to go get some food. I come back and I see Ashlee.

    My first instinct is to change the channel as this was right after her SNL fiasco and I laughed at that. But nothing else is on so I watch. And its not a bad show.

    In the first season, you see the rise of fame as her CD is released, her romance with cutie Ryan Cabrera, and her attempts to make her completely different to Jessica

    Then in the second season, you see her lip-synching performance which now I feel bad at laughing at because she DID lose her voice and she putting that behind her but the media refuses to. She's also moved into a new house and wants everyone to treat her as an "adult". And then there is the Ryan Cabrera thing which surprisingly is pretty steady except for the time where she couldn't stand that he never called.

    So yeah. This show is my guilty pleasure. Watch it if you're bored. It'll keep you entertained! :)
  • This show follows the live of pop superstar Ashlee Simpson.

    I think this show is great. It really lets you into Ashlee\\\'s life. It shows you the trouble she goes through and it helps to understand her predicaments better. What I mean is that it gives you the full story on all the events that happen, not just the tabloid version that makes her seem horrible. This show is awesome and I wish it would come back, because I cannont wait to see what Ashlee will do next.
  • Awesome plenty of problems

    The show which follows Ashlee Simpson to make her cds. ashlee deals with stuff like The Orange Bowl and SNL problems. The show also views into how hard it is to be a pop star. One of my favorite episodes was when the international interviewers were asking Ashlee Simpson some crazy questions:

    Interviewer:Have you ever held a live fish before?

    Ashlee:No should i?
  • Pure Crap.

    This show is pure crap. As simple as that, I had the misfortune of watching it a couple of times, and I have to say I was horrified when I saw that Jessica's Simpson sister was having a reality show of herself. I just have one question: Why, lord? Wasn't Newlyweds enough? Why?

    What's up with all these "new" really shows depicting the life of pseudo talented people? I know I'm sounding too mean with the show, but it definitely deserves my anger, it lacks innovation, original content, talent, and most important for us, the audience, fun.

    Context? The "show" features the empty life of Ashley Simpson on her quest for the meaning of life, in the same boring dumb line of her sister show. Don't expect too much entertainment, philosophical content or simple pure fun entertainment. Go watch the cartoons.

  • This is a show about Ashlee Simpson.

    This show is about nothing. all it shows is ashlee simspon singing (badly, by the way), talking 2 hr band, and traveling. this "drama" ("i broke my nail!!! call my agent") is funny 2 watch 2 see how ashlee handles things. i cant see how any1 can watch this show and not laugh.
  • This is my all time favourite show as it contains all what I want and covers most of Ashlee Simpson's facts

    Hey thats my favourite show because this show is made for my dear Ashlee Simpson. She is my all time favourite and I am her biggest fan on this planet. I am in luv with her. And not just that I know each and every fact about her from her family to what she likes.
  • This show is something i would watch but if there was something better on i'd would watch it instead.

    I liked this show for awhile but it got old. When I first started watching it it was a must watch show but when it got older it got to the point where i didn't care if I watched it or not. But still this show was a very decent show for all of the Ashlee Simpson fans.
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