The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Wednesday 10:00 PM on FX Premiered Jan 17, 2018 In Season


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The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story Fan Reviews (6)

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  • Goodt mini series.

    The title of this story should of been "The killer of Versace!" I wanted to know more about Gianni than the killer. Basically the whole show was based on the killer. I hope it will be redone and have Gianni's story told his way. Meaning, have his family and friends, employees, etc, tell his life story.
  • Where are the Italians?

    Cunanan is well cast. Story is pretty good, sick but well done. Gianni and Donatella act well but are miscast. The Spanish accents very much distract from their roles. Can't they find some Italian actors or someone who can do a convincing accent??
  • oscar worthy

    nice cast
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  • A Bit Confusing

    I find this show interesting but it could be much better. Every episode I have watched so far has time jumps, going back and forth between years. This makes the show very confusing at times. Why show an episode that shows this lunatic kidnapping and then killing his friend, then next week jump back and go back in time to show the murdered friend and another friend (who also is Why not just keep every episode in chronological order? Also I could do without all the gay shit. I know it is about a gay fashion designer and a gay sociopath but I could do without all the kissing and making out. Even shows or movies about straight people I cringe when I have to watch make out scenes. They are not needed unless you are doing a porno!
  • Testing the Site ...

    I don't have a comment yet. I watched the premiere episode and fell asleep. I'm old enough to remember the story and this opening wasn't at all how I expected the production to be. This was dark and with a dull ambiance.

    Now that I understand this site, I can visit before the end of this story.