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Produced by Lincoln Square Productions, mini-series The Assets is based on the 2013 book Circle of Treason: A CIA Account of Traitor Aldrich Ames and the Men He Betrayed by Sandy Grimes and Jeanne Vertefeuile. It's 1985 and the Cold War is winding down when Sandy and her partner Jeanne set out to find the mole in the CIA. Sandy will stop at nothing to save the Soviet intelligence officers from being caught and executed. The Assets looks inside the true story of the end of the Cold War as told by the CIA. Executive producers for the series are Morgan Hertzan, Rudy Bednar and Drew Chapman.

ABC cancelled the series after episode two aired at 10 p.m. on Thursday January 9, 2014. The series resumed on Saturday June 21, 2014 at 9 p.m. to air the remaining six episodes.

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  • riveting drama - intelligent and intriguing

    It's a shame this series didn't get a lot of viewers. It's a fascinating tale of a traitor and the people who spent years methodically tracking him down. It was very good from the beginning, but even better in the last episodes. Performances are terrific; I especially liked Harriet Walter, who seemed like a character from a La Carre novel.

    The Assets reminded me of All the Presidents Men in that it makes dry investigation look absolutely fascinating. Sometimes it tries a little too hard; there's one scene where Sandy Grimes works through the weekend while Ames looks nervous as though he can feel her out there that is idiotic. But to be fair, that's the only time I can think of where the show really fumbled.

    One thing that struck me was that the series makes it very clear that Ames did terrible damage and caused many deaths, while Russian traitors were portrayed as very heroic. Part of this was that Ames just did it for the money, but still, imagine you're a Russian; Ames is a valuable asset helping you protect your country from traitors. My one wish for the show is it would have spent some time pondering that, but I guess I just have to create my own miniseries if I want that.

    It was a great show. I'm glad after two cancellations I got to see the rest of it.

  • More proof the networks are run by morons.

    I live in DC and have known a few spooks and met a few more and love the genre. This series may be the best Ive ever seen that takes place in the real world of DC and the CIA. The best ever.

    So of course no one promoted or got to see it . Many millions of dollars just wasted, along with the efforts of the actors and writers and all the others whose efforts went into telling this serious and important story.

    I read this was produced under the ABC News banner. Those twits havent done anything right since they fired Ted Koppell over a decade ago and that record run seems to be far from over.moreless
  • Great Show

    Amazing show which gets u hooked.
  • It just gets better

    I'm really glad this one came back to be finished. It's too bad it got tossed onto the Summer Saturday junk heap (though it seems the last 4 episodes have been "rescued" to a couple of Sunday afternoons at 4 and 5--not sure if that's any "better" or not). It may end up with a better viewership thanks to resources such as Comcast On Demand; a lot of viewers no longer care when a show actually airs.

    I think if the show had been properly publicized to begin with, the viewership would have been much better, especially since it's the kind of show that if you missed the first episode, you might not bother watching the rest (which is probably what happened to its ratings, in part).

    Having watched episodes 3 and 4 now (1 and 2 were back in January, remember) my GF and I think this might have been one of the better offerings of the season, an almost-lost gem.moreless
  • Back to find out how it finishes

    I am so glad this show is airing the dropped episodes. No, this is not the fictionalized Americans. This does not have explosions and raw sex, it is a well researched show about the spies and intrigue that happened during the cold war and what shaped the way countries interact together today. I am glad to see it back to see the well acted conculsion,

    ABC Cancels The Assets, Duh

    The show that no one watched or knew existed has been put out of its misery.


    The Assets Series Premiere Review: The American

    ABC's new miniseries The Assets isn't as good as FX's The Americans, but it's not terrible, either. Cool?

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