The Assistant

Season 1 Episode 7

And Then There Were Two

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Aug 23, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

It's a close race this morning as Tanika and Melissa run into Andy's room to receive their final task. The girls are calm, and confident that the best person will win. Well, at least they were before Andy brought out a letter that he claimed a previously clipped assistant wrote to him begging to come back. Andy reads the letter to the girls and kindly asks them to welcome back...Mark!

The first task the three assistants are given seems well, easy. Andy has a large plate with his picture drawn in pencil on it by Glenn Close. Glenn is a very dear friend of Andy's and he wants the whole world to see the plate. So the first task of the day is for the assistants to display the plate somewhere in the house where anyone who walks in will see it. The group puts the plate on a nice stand off to the side of the living room. Andy sees what they were doing and insists that they place it right in the middle of the living room. However, an unexpected visit from Dave Navarro gets Andy a little disturbed. Andy schedules a therapy session with his therapist right as Dave comes over with his guitars to practice. Dave can't practice at his own house right down the street because Carmen supposedly has an attitude. Anyway, Andy asks Dave to go downstairs and practice while he's in therapy. Dave obliges, pulls out his guitars, and backs into the stand holding the precious plate, smashing it into a thousand pieces. While all the assistants are star struck from meeting Dave Navarro, they take the blame for Dave breaking the plate. So the assistants plan to tell Andy about the plate while he is in his therapy session so his therapist can help him get past it. Their plan works. Andy's therapist calms him down and him into a deep relaxation mode. Right as Andy is calm and collected, and finally at peace with his inner self, Dave plugs in the amp to his electric guitar and starts jammin'. Melissa knows that this is a bad idea so she tries to get Dave to teach her to play. Except right when she strikes a cord, Dave cranks up the amp. The assistants know Andy hears the loud racket and will be coming down any minute. Sure enough, Andy busts out of the therapy session and down the stairs to find the guitar in Melissa's hand. Andy throws a hissy fit and continues his therapy session. Melissa thinks for sure she was going to get clipped. About that time, the doorbell rings yet again. It's Dave's drummer, ready for practice. Dave's drummer sets up some of Andy's pots and pans to practice playing the drums, and the games begin. Andy hears all the noise and marches downstairs, except this time, he brings his therapist with him. Andy screams and yells and knocks all the pots and pans off the table, then proceeds to tell Mark to get Dave outta there! So Dave leaves but gives the assistants all a gift for their kindness. He hands Mark and Tanika a guitar and gives Melissa a painting that he painted. Andy doesn't like that he isn't having a good day and the assistants obviously have, so he decides to smash Mark's guitar into the ground about ten times. It's not looking good for the assistants.

Later that night, Andy prepares a game called Fear Factor for the three remaining assistants. The first task is whoever can make it across the swimming pool walking on a thin board holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a movie script in the other wins get fifteen points. Whoever makes it across the pool in the quickest time gets 10 extra points. Well, poor Melissa doesn't make it across without falling into the pool, but Tanika and Mark cross it with no problem. Tanika clocks in the best time, giving her the extra 10 points. But it's not over yet. Andy has yet one more task for the group. Each contestant must to spin the wheel to find out what they have to eat. Mark is first with the day old brownie covered in grass and OJ. Melissa eats a gas station hot dog covered in grapefruit. And poor, poor Tanika spins the wheel and realizes her worst fear has come true. She has to eat head cheese on a stick. Needless to say, she doesn't even make it through the first bite. Andy adds up all the points and Tanika is five points behind Melissa in last place. Tanika is clipped immediately.
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