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MTV - Music Television (ended 2004)


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  • too funny!! i loved it

    Still to this day i still watch it. The show was so random. Andy Dick is just so funny & the way he makes fun of people and the things they did. It’s like it was scripted but then again it's not. But for those kids it was their 15 seconds of fame and it was very, very funny. i wish they would bring it back. Everything they did was for a career in hollyweird and to be Andy Dick's Assistant which Andy Dick is like a C list celebrity and they would say anything to make him feel good and lie to him and say yea you're an A list superstar which he isn't but he is hilarious. And the show was before it’s time funny.
  • The Assistant is about a knockoff of other shows like "America's Next Top Model," "Survivor" and any others prime time shows. We also learn that Andy Dick is a very funny man.

    I really loved this show. I wish they could bring it back. I wish i had the DVD. Andy Dick is a very funny man. Hopefully he will make another show that is equally as funny. The only problem that I have with this show is that it did not last as long has I hopefully would have liked it to run for. Since it is on MTV I knew it would last that long because MTV comes up with a new show every other week. Andy Dick had another show before this which was equally as funny but I was way to young to remeber it. I've seen it on youtube a couple of times. HO-ho and YUM-yum's. weeeeeeeeee!
  • LMFAO!!!!

    damn this show is funny, i miss this too, i want to see this show on a re run or something. I love every second of this show, if there was a dvd or something i would get this in a heart beat

    andy dick really out did him self on this one
  • A show in it's own time! A classic!

    Andy Dicks The Assistant brings laughs to the small screen. The assistant should be brought back to the small screen. Andy is the funniest man on MTV! He provides a since of humor in every scene. This show has the real power to be the best reality TV show on Tv.
  • How can reality be so funny?... It is reality, right?

    The Assistant has just made it to the UK, and is quite possibly the funniest show ever. I was snorting with laughter from start to finish; and airing it on Thursdays, after the end of Reno 911! on FX and before Larry Sanders makes a great night of comedy.
    The best bit? Who knows- it's a blur of hilarity, but real standout moments are Andy's efforts to put the petals back on one guy's rose, having dramatically pulled them off; His suggestion of drug tests for all- including the foul-mouthed butler; and the classic move of eliminating someone after about two minutes- it's Andy's show and he'll do whatever the fuck he wants!
    LOVE this show!
  • FUN- NEY!

    At times you might think to yourslef, "Is he acting or is he really like that?" But it's so much fun to watch especially if you're an Andy Dick AND Reality Show junkie, like me! It's halarious to watch the girls try to get him to stare at their cleavage and expect not to get ridiculed. Andy Dick is on such an incredible level!
  • The assistant was probably the funniest show, I hope they bring it back for another season

    Andy dick is really funny! This show was so hilarious! I would laugh so hard when I watched this! I didnt miss one episode! I love when andy dick says your clipped, pff pff pfff, Please someone bring this show back on the air so I can laugh my socks off again!
  • The Assistant is a cutting-edge comedic parody of reality shows, while itself being a great reality show.

    We all need an assistant, but how do you test if there good? by putting them through a series of tests held by a over-the-top celebrity. Do this and you have The Assitant by MTV and Andy Dick.

    Through the great season, the show managed to poke fun at the bacholer, survivor, the apprentice, idol, fear factor and many more resulting in must 'see-to-believe' situations.

    Every episode was guarenteed to make you laugh and the season brings many memorable moments and quotes. The show builds to a stunning climax and is supurb dramatic comedy. Definately one of the best shows of 2004.
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