The Assistant

Season 1 Episode 6

Spa Day

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Aug 16, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

Once again, bright and early the sirens go off and the assistants are up and running. Remembering when Stefani got cut for being last through Andy's door, the race begins with Colin in first place and Tanika in last. But not to worry, Andy's head is still under the covers. The assistants are a little more than surprised when they see who is under the covers with him. His old girlfriend, Jen! Whoa! Here's a flashback: remember her dumping a drink in Andy's face during his so called "birthday party"? Oh yes, it's her, she's back! While Andy may have her in his bed, he knows he's still on thin ice. He feels he needs to wine and dine her, and he needs the help of the four remaining assistants.

The first task of the day is to make reservations for Andy and Jen at the Biltmore Hotel to spend the day at the spa. Sounds simple enough. The assistants decide to add the ultimate touch of class and rent a limo for Andy and Jen's romantic day. Everything is going well, that is until the limo arrives with a touch of crass--it's "cotton candy" pink. The assistants know it's all downhill from here as Andy and Jen walk out of the house and see what the assistants have done. Although Jen is very upset because the limo clashes with her outfit, she is also very jealous because it seems to match perfectly with Melissa's shirt. Andy sweet talks her to getting in the limo anyway.

The crew arrives at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel excited to give Andy and his girlfriend a day of rest and relaxation. There's just one little problem: the reservations Colin made were lost! As Colin and the rest of the assistants try and sweet talk the hotel receptionist, Andy realizes there is a problem and steps in, threatening the receptionist. When they find out that the hotel is completely booked, Andy is furious and insists they FIX IT! The group then makes a hotel reservation at some low-key hotel, and let us just say Jen isn't quite thrilled about spending the day in a Motel 8. What to do? Andy calls up some of his friends, the guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, to clean up the hotel room and make it look "spa-like." About an hour later, Andy and Jen happily return to see the room decorated. When the assistants realize that Jen is drunk, they try and help Andy romance her. However, Colin takes it one step too far and massages her butt with a paint roller. She and Andy freak out, while telling Colin he better back off. To make up for Colin's huge mistake, the group makes a romantic bubble bath for the two lovebirds...except the purple and pink bath beads make the tub look like a swampy mess. The group is forced to drain the tub and make a new bath--without the beads of course. Still unhappy because there are no bubbles, Jen gets upset as Colin takes a tube and blows into it to try and make bubbles. Nonetheless, Jen gets out of the bathtub and runs out of the hotel room, leaving Andy in the bathtub alone, covered in the Caesar salad that she threw at him. She must have a problem with throwing things. Andy gets out of the tub calmly telling the assistants that they have yet ruined another relationship.

The group returns home only to find out that they are going to be apart of Andy's American Idol. Andy terrorizes the group into singing in front of his panel of judges. The assistants are humiliated, just as Andy describes he was when his girlfriend walked out on him back at the hotel. The assistants know cutting time is getting closer, but Andy has one more challenge. Each assistant wannabe has to pitch an idea for a television show Andy gives them. Colin fails yet again, claiming he has a terrible headache from all the bubble-blowing as Tanika takes first place, surprising Andy to say the least.

Final round, cutting time is here. Right off the bat Andy cuts Colin for his hotel bummer and smart mouth. Then, Mykell is next on the list. As Andy puts it, "It's up to the two broads now," Tanika and Melissa. The girls give a tearful goodbye to the guys then turn to each other, smile, and show how excited they are to have come this far.