The Assistant

Season 1 Episode 5

Tall Tales & Campfire Stories

Aired Monday 10:30 PM Aug 09, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

Episode Recap

When Andy's awake, no one's going to get any sleep--especially not the six remaining assistants. Andy sets off his siren and the assistants jump up, ready to serve their master, A. Dick. Everyone rushes out of the garage and up to Andy's bedside, and when Stefani is the last one in, she's cut like whoa. Andy seems to feel a little bad about his choice. "I liked Stefani, it's sad I'm already wearing my mourning clothes, that's spelled M-O-U-R-N-I-N-G? says Andy, "That's how Hollyweird is."

After Stefani's speedy departure Andy decides it's time to shake things up. "I want to go camping like Nick and Jessica in Newlyweds? he decides. Colin, Mykell, Tanika, Anna, and Melissa can't believe Andy is rugged enough for the challenges of a camping trip, but when a big yellow school bus pulls up into Andy's driveway they realize they're the ones who are going to have to step up to this challenge. The crew packs light but Andy's baggage is another story. He has packed up bags of clothing, bedding, and house plants, not to mention a bunch of framed photographs. After everything and everybody is loaded up onto the bus it's up to our potential assistants to entertain Andy. They start off on a round of "The Wheels on the Bus" and Andy seems to be lovin' it, swaying to the rhythm until the fumes of the road mixed with his "servant's" eager voices give him a pounding headache. Andy is already starting off on his erratic behavior.

When everyone finally arrives at the campsite, Andy immediately goes to take a nap while the crew scrambles to assemble Andy's lavish tent, complete with his indoor foliage, a fold-out bed, enough pillows for ten people, a bedside table, and pictures everywhere--seems like Andy isn't up for as hardcore a camping trip as everyone originally thought. When the campsite is perfect, Andy takes his crew for a bizarre nature walk, running them around trees that represent "Hollyweird" and past a playground which Andy claims was made by the ancient Native Americans…hmmm. The games stop when Andy's agent calls to tell him he lost a movie roll on account of his reality show. Andy believes that The Assistant was going to be his pass to mega-stardom and is bummed about the loss. After dinner is ready, and Andy has a little a conniption fit--throwing his grandmother's antique tray into the fireplace and he has everyone put on a show for him about Hollywood. Singing and dancing their hearts out for the boss is a little too much for the remaining assistants, so when Andy disappears there is obvious relief. He's not gone for long however, and soon returns in a full bear costume. Nobody quite knows how to react, and pretending to be scared doesn't fool Andy--he begins railing on them for their dishonesty. Andy's agent calls again to tell him he has lost yet another movie roll, and Andy runs off into the woods crying and trying to escape the cameras as he yells that he has had enough of this show.

The next day, the crew gets a morning greeting from Andy who dresses up in an elaborate fat suit and tries to disguise his personality again to test everybody's honesty. Well everyone but Anna passes the test, but this doesn't please Andy, and he immediately makes his "little bitches" pack it up and move it on home.

When they arrive at the house the crew is exhausted, but at 2:00 a.m. sharp Andy is up and ready to find out what people are really thinking with a lie detector test. Andy puts the team through some grueling questions at the polygraph, and eventually decides that Anna is the biggest liar; immediately eliminating her. The night leaves everyone on pins and needles wondering when Andy will strike again, and how much longer they can take this job before they all snap.