The Associates (2001) - Season 1

CTV (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    A power struggle plays out among the top ranks of YBK; Jonah is offered a position with a top-notch criminal lawyer; Mitch and Amy defend a custodial parent who is offered a job in a new city; the associates steel themselves for their performance reviews.
  • Sirens
    Episode 12
    Jonah works on behalf of a released convict who is trying to re-enter society; Amy’s jealousy surfaces when her client, and friend, makes a play for Mitch; Cindy worries about Ben’s ability to be discreet about their affair.
  • Killing the Rat
    Killing the Rat
    Episode 11
    An unscrupulous client tries to dupe Ben, Cindy and Podlosky; Jonah enters into a co-defense agreement; Amy is recruited to work the firm’s booth at the law fair.
  • Care & Control
    Care & Control
    Episode 10
    Robyn’s client is being stalked by a young woman claiming to be his daughter; Amy’s entrepreneurial spirit is dampened by the firm’s contract relating to intellectual properties.
  • Family Values
    Family Values
    Episode 9
    Mitch grapples with criminal law when Terence is charged with public indecency and soliciting a prostitute; Robyn finds her niche after mediating a hostile family dispute; Dale is heartbroken when office gossip pairs up Amy and Angus.
  • Don't Ask Don't Tell
    Amy and Angus consider a class action suit prompted by David Clayton, a doctor who lost a leg in a landmine explosion; Jonah defends a 12-year-old girl charged with trafficking; Ben, Mitch and Robyn try to outprank eachother.
  • E Pluribus Unum
    E Pluribus Unum
    Episode 7
    Mitch offers his services to a couple of strippers who are suing a club's owner. Ben lets some secrets slip while drinking with Cindy. Amy's father crashes a company fund-raiser.
  • Sue Everybody
    Sue Everybody
    Episode 6
    Jonah and Ben file a medical malpractice claim against the Premier of Ontario; Robyn defends a corporate client accused of a discrimatory firing; Mitch prepares for his transfer exam.
  • CYA: Cover Your Ass
    Jonah takes on an Internet defamation case; Amy nearly commits career suicide when she mistakenly sends privileged information to opposing counsel; Mitch half-heartedly prepares for his transfer exam; Tabatha pursues Ben with a vengeance.
  • Encumbered
    Episode 4
    Robyn gets a crash course in aboriginal cultural law; Jonah reneges on his lease contract with Robyn; Ben fails to win the confidence of a new client; Mitch is threatened with dismissal if he refuses to write the transfer exams.
  • Ten
    Episode 3
    Amy enlists Mitch in her plan to poach a potential client from Terence Barnsworth; Robyn and Jonah go apartment hunting, and find more than they expected; Ben’s arrogance clouds his judgment when handed a job he considers demeaning.
  • Disclosure
    Episode 2
    The new associates at YBK go on with their lives on their first week working at the office. Amy is disappointed when a client of hers drops her because of YBK's reputation. Mitch's uncle assigns him work so he can prove he's worthy and he actually does a great job. Robyn is pressured to tell the truth about Mr. Norton's suicide and is even threatened of being charged with murder. Hardaway pulls an all-nighter for a traffic ticket case. And Jonah finds more dirt on the loose finger case.moreless
  • Headfirst Into Hell
    Benjamin Hardaway, Jonah Gleason, Robyn Parsons, Mitch Barnsworth and Amy Kassan. Five of the most brilliant new minds are hired as the new associates at Young, Barnsworth & King, a big and successful law firm. Personalities and styles soon contrast against each other's as they try to adjust to their new jobs. Right on their first day, the young lawyers are faced with situations they have to contour. Hardaway finds himself with a human finger after mistakenly taking it from one of his boss's clients. The firm is invaded by reporters, who are investigating some of the partner's involvement with financial fraud. One of the accused partners jumps from the top of the building, even though Robyn did everything to keep him from doing so. She is shocked, and the new associates wonder if the scandal will affect their careers.moreless