The Atheism Tapes

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The Atheism Tapes

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The Atheism Tapes is a six-part documentary series originally airing on the BBC that features prominent academics discussing Atheism. The series is hosted and presented by Jonathan Miller. Each of the six episodes features an extended interview with one of the following academics and scholars: Colin McGinn, Steven Weinberg, Arthur Miller, Richard Dawkins, Denys Turner and Daniel Dennett. Colin McGinn, an English philosopher, talks about a number of reasons why someone should or should not believe in God. Steven Weinberg, an American physicist, discusses the Design Argument and its effectiveness is proving the existence of God. Arther Miller, American playwright, explains atheism through the perspective of Judaism, as well as the history of antisemitism that derives from the notion that Jewish people do not believe Jesus Christ was the son of God. Richard Dawkins, an English biologist, discusses his idea that evil may exist because of a personification of a deeply-held belief. Denys Turner, a British theologian, wonders whether or not being an atheist or theist depends on the questions you ask yourself to begin with. Finally, Daniel Dennett, an American philosopher, talks at length about his own atheist, as well as why he believes Darwin's Theory of Evolution was such a dangerous idea to his contemporaries.moreless

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