The Atheism Tapes - Season 1

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 2004 Unknown


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  • Colin McGinn
    Colin McGinn
    Episode 6
    In this far-ranging conversation with Jonathan Miller, Colin McGinn sets up and then dismantles some of the many arguments in favor of God -- and even puts up a few of his own. He also discusses the impact of Bertrand Russell on his life at age 18.
  • Arthur Miller
    Arthur Miller
    Episode 5
    Apart from expressing his skepticism about the unholy alliance between religion and politics, Arthur Miller looks back on his own early experiences of growing up in a Christian and surprisingly anti-Semitic country.
  • Steven Weinberg
    Steven Weinberg
    Episode 4
    Having invited Jonathan to join him in his own home in Texas, physicist Steven Weinberg discusses the role of science in the undermining of faith. Like Jonathan, he accepts that many of the discoveries in his own field had little impact on religion.
  • Richard Dawkins
    Richard Dawkins
    Episode 3
    In this intimate conversation over coffee filmed in the relaxing atmosphere of Jonathan Miller's own kitchen, Richard Dawkins displays a gentler and more contemplative side -- and reveals the deep religious convictions of his youth.
  • Daniel Dennet
    Daniel Dennet
    Episode 2
    Daniel Dennett expounds on his famous theory of Skyhooks & Cranes -- the competing miraculous and rational explanations of phenomena -- and discusses the extent to which people need "magic" in their lives.
  • Denys Turner
    Denys Turner
    Episode 1
    Jonathan Miller and Cambridge theologian Denys Turner entertain us with the kind of questions that Denys feels are seldom if ever asked by scientists and skeptics, because they know that they have no simple answers.