The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show

Season 1 Episode 8

Fastest Ant in the West

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 20, 1965 on NBC



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    • Rowdy: (getting pummled by Atom Ant) Stop! Hold it! Let me alone! I give up! I'll come peacefully!
      Atom Ant: That's better.
      Rowdy: Just put me in a nice safe ant-less jail.

    • Rowdy: (goes in a saloon) I'm gettin' me somethin' in here to refresh me so's I can mash that sneaky ant. Give me a glass of milk!
      Bartender: Milk? But I thought you were tough?
      Rowdy: So! Put a buffalo horn in it!
      Bartender: Boy, that is tough.

    • Rowdy: No little ant is going to show me up. I'll mash him into ant dust with this boulder.

    • Atom Ant: I warn you Rowdy, do not resort to violence. (Rowdy shoots at Atom Ant but hits himself) You resorted.

    • Rowdy: Look, you insect, don't bug me.

    • Rowdy: Alright, folks. This is a holdup!
      Atom Ant: Well, I'll just holdup this holdup for a while.
      (Atom Ant picks up Rowdy Dowdy)
      Rowdy: Hey!

    • Rowdy: All right sheriff, who did you telegraph?
      Sheriff: Atom Ant, the toughest ant in the world.
      Rowdy: A ant? You are funny! You ought to be on a stage, stagecoach that is.

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