The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show

Season 1 Episode 7

Good Red Riding Hood

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 13, 1965 on NBC



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    • Wolf: A wolf with a sense of humor can't be all bad.

    • Red Riding Hood: WHat big black eyes you've got.
      Wolf: Yeah, yeah. They lowered the broom on me.

    • Wolf: Hey! Watch it! I don't take that from any broom.

    • Wolf: I've got a feeling I've been here before.

    • Wolf: Let's get this deal straight. Hansels and Gretles in the woods are yours, but the Red Riding Hoods belong to me. You've already messed up my routine. I'll just pick up the action at Granny's house. (he leaves)
      Winnie: Lucky I've read the story. I know what he's going to try.

    • Wolf: (Winnie takes Red Riding Hood on her broom and they fly to Winnie's house) Oh boy, I hate a show off witch. I wait for that kid a couple of hours and that witch grabs her. I'll just have to talk to that broom jockey.

    • Red Riding Hood: Do a fancy landing.
      Winnie: O.k. (stands up) Here's broom surfing. (she drops below the broom and holds on) Here comes a swinging witch.
      Red Riding Hood: (giggles) You're the greatest, Winnie.

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