The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Queen of the Road

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 23, 1965 on NBC



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    • Leadfoot: Chutly! You're a no good, low down, poor excuse for a bad guy. (he raises his fist)
      Chutly: (covers his head) Not my head again, please boss. (Leadfoot kicks him in his rear) Thanks, I was gettin' a headache.

    • Granny: So long, boys. Good luck.
      Chutly: Same to you, ma'am.
      Leadfoot: (hits Chutly on the head) What do you mean "same to you, ma'am"? You're on my side!

    • Chutly: Gee boss, What happened?
      Leadfoot: Some no good crook stole my tires.
      (Precious chuckles)

    • Leadfoot: Chutly, ya dumbell, ya hooked the wrong car!
      Chutly: Gee boss, I'm sorry.
      Leadfoot: (hits Chutly over the head with the steering wheel) Don't "Gee boss" me. Just do wrong things right.
      Chutly: Right, boss....I mean, wrong, boss...I mean, yes sir.

    • Leadfoot: Alright. Let's get this race on the road.

    • Leadfoot: Wow! She knocked two minutes off the world record.
      Chutly: That's going to be a tough car to beat.
      Leadfoot: Yeah, but we'll do it by hook or crook. Mostly by crook, got me?
      Chutly: Got'cha. And I got some great ideas too. Like takin' her wheels off.
      Leadfoot: (hits him in the head) Whadda ya mean you got them ideas? I taught you all that stuff.

    • Leadfoot: (spies on Granny Sweet's race car) Man, that's a pretty solid lookin' set of wheels.

    • Chutly: Hey Leadfoot, where are we going?
      Leadfoot: I wanna take a peek at the car that Granny Sweet is racing against us tomorrow.
      Chutly: Good idea. I hear it's pretty hot.

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