The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show

Season 1 Episode 5

Westward Ha!

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Oct 30, 1965 on NBC



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    • Chief: You tired of being a tenderfoot?
      Squiddly: Yes, Chief. Lucky for me, I've got seven left.

    • Shotgun Sludge: That squid is too much for me. I'm going back to jail where it's safe.

    • Shotgun Sludge: (he fires the cannon, but the shell comes out the back and he flies off with it) That's the last time I build a cannon from a do-it-yourself kit.

    • Squiddly: Well, things are a lot more peaceful now.
      Shotgun Sludge: You mean rest in peace-ful, squid. Get ready to be blasted.

    • Shotgun Sludge: (talking about Squiddly dressed up as a lady) Thunderation! She's so homely, she'd have to sneak up on a bucket of water to get a drink.

    • Squiddly: Howdy strangers, Squiddly is here!
      Shotgun Sludge: What in tarnation is a Squiddly?
      Squiddly: I'm a squid and I've come out West to where the excitement is.
      Shotgun Sludge: Well I'm gonna blast ya. Ain't that excitin'?

    • Shotgun Sludge: Bartender, I'm Shotgun Sludge and I'm a thirstin'. Give me a glass of warm milk, the hard way.
      Bartender: The hard way?
      Shotgun Sludge: Yeah, put it in a dirty glass.

    • Chief: Squiddly! What are you doing in here?
      Squiddly: I'm watching my favorite TV show, Chief. Uncle of the Son of Jesse James Mother-in-law.
      Chief: You mean you were watching Uncle of the Son of whatever-you-may-call-it.

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