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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 3

Acts of Vengeance

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Apr 15, 2012 on Disney XD
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Episode Summary


The Enchantress, after being betrayed by Zemo, seeks revenge on her former teammates, leaving the Avengers in the middle of a clash between supervillains.

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  • SURTUR!!!!! :-O

    HOLY CRAP!!! They are actually going to do Surtur!!!! One of the few enemies that can actually defeat Thor and Odin and not just Asgard but the entire nine realms!!!! HOLY $#!%!!!! I new they were gonna do the Kree and the Skrull invasion, a bunch of new charecters, and other micro plots and arcs through out the searies, but frigin Surtur!!!! WOW!!! When Thor said to Balder "Where is he going?" and Balder replied "Twilight." my heart skipped a beat!!!

    This is ganna be another AWSOME season!!!! :- Dmoreless

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    • Hulk: (to Executioner)Sure you want to do this again? Last time we fought all you lost was your axes. This time it will be worse!

    • Baron Zemo: You... You would have let the Enchantress destroy me. You have changed, Captain.
      Captain America: (casts a Skrull-shaped shadow) You have no idea who I am.

    • Enchantress: I have only one question for you, Crimson Dynamo, and I believe you already know what that question is.
      Hawkeye: Is it "Where can I find green arm warmers on Earth?" because I'd be worried about that if I were you.

    • Hawkeye: Look, we all know Zemo isn't gonna surrender. We have to expect a double-cross here.
      Hulk: We should just smash 'em!
      Hawkeye: Nice plan. How long did it take ya to come up with that, genius?
      Hulk: I can smash you, too.

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    • The episode title is a reference to Marvel Comics' company-wide crossover "Acts of Vengeance", centered around the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, in which Loki assembled a team of supervillains in order to exact revenge on Thor. This series circulated from December 1989 to February 1990.