The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 13

Along Came a Spider...

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 22, 2012 on Disney XD



  • Trivia

    • The triangular shield Captain America uses in this episode resembles the shield he carried during his debut appearance, in Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941).

    • Drake Bell also plays the part of Spider-Man in the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.

  • Quotes

    • Spider-Man: (reading the Daily Bugle) "Captain America saves New York from Spider-Man and the Serpent Society!" Are you kidding me?
      Captain America: The people you saved know the truth. I know the truth. And the truth always comes out.
      Spider-Man: Yeah, sure. What matters is what I do, right?
      Captain America: Right.
      Spider-Man: What I'm gonna do right now is find J. Jonah Jameson and web his mouth shut.
      Captain America: I'm okay with that.

    • Spider-Man: Cap, why aren't you defending yourself? The news is all over you. Everyone thinks it was you.
      Captain America: They say worse things about you.
      Spider-Man: Yeah, and it's horrible! How can you be so, so not upset about this?
      Captain America: I know who you are. I talked to the police, the firemen, the people that you helped. And I heard their stories about how you saved lives, how you never asked for recognition, or reward, or even thanks. It doesn't matter what the newspapers say, or the politicians, or the whole world. They don't define who you are. You do. Not by your words, but by your actions. The truth will come out, but until then I'm going to keep fighting, just like you.
      Spider-Man: Can I be your sidekick?

  • Notes

    • Originally Josh Keaton, who voices Spider-Man in The Spectacular Spider-Man, did the voice for said hero in this episode. However, in the final cut of this episode, his work was dubbed over with the voice of Drake Bell, who plays Spider-Man in Ultimate Spider-Man.

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