The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 18

Emperor Stark

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Sep 16, 2012 on Disney XD

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  • Bad Tommorow

    It's a common question we sometimes have thought of in comics, what happens if the superheroes ran the planet would things be better or worse. This episode is another favorate of mine, it sort of reminds me a little like in the "Justice Legue" tv series when we saw what happens when we saw the possiblity of the Legue going a certain direction and took over the entire planet.

    My only real problem with the episode is it wasn't a two parter, it would of been interesting to explore more of this world created and what more damage each Avenger and may'be even Shield and Sword did but oh well. I love the fact that Vision is the lead protagonist, Vision is my third favorate character, he's sort of like a Vulcan from "Star Trek" always brainy and on the logical end of things. I liked the start of the episode which sort of reminds me of the begining of "28 Days Latter" and we see things have gone bad in such a short amount of time. We see Setnel like robots patroling the streets, the fact that all the Avengers (brainwashed) have covered the whole globe and rule places in it and other bad things, it's practically became a totalitarian existance.

    I really liked seeing Vision fight against the Avengers, though he's not perfect he's can't handle everyone which was a good idea to see other Avengers fight Avengers. But the best moment for me was the dramatic and unsettling moment as we see Tony is just strugling to fight off the psychic influence of the Purple Man. The Purple Man is a C list super villian in the marvel universe but here he's actually made into a worthy opponent. The Purple Man voiced well by Brent Spinner I like how he made him sound sort of like a corporate scum sucker; Purple Man we see obviously has a God Complex his superpower really is dangerous because it's basically to control the wills of human beings. I also like how he's a bit of a Devil like figure because his power also allows him to see into the darkest desires of everyone, and we see he saw into Tony's and just help make all those desires a reality. But what was more unsettling is that Purple Man isn't complete wrong about what Tony wanted.

    This episode really gets at man and even the superheroes place in the world and why none of us should or even attempt to play God. As well as how none of us are incoruptable toward our darkest desires.

    I liked the ending how Tony begins to wonder if he really is trying building a better tommorrow or if he's just leading everyone and himself into darkness. But Cap then says something great that he believes in people. And that's what it really comes down to, it's a matter of what individuals do at certain times that creates a tommorow for all of us.
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