The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Powerless
      Episode 26

      Enchantress offers Loki a chance to exact revenge on Thor and the Avengers for thwarting his plan to conquer the nine realms, resulting in a powerless group of Avengers helplessly being chased by the mischievous demi-god in control of a destructive Asgardian weapon known as the Destroyer.

    • Avengers Assemble!
      Episode 25
      The Avengers must assemble an enormous team of heroes with whom they have joined forces in the past in an effort to defend the Earth from Galactus, eater of worlds, and his four heralds.
    • Live Kree or Die
      Episode 24

      The Avengers are vastly outnumbered when they crash land on the Kree home world Hala. Will Earth's mightiest heroes live to fight another day?

    • 10/21/12

      The Kree Empire established a wormhole that will directly link Earth's solar system to the Kree galaxy, and the Avengers must journey into space to stop them before the Sun and thus all life on Earth are destroyed. Will Kang the Conqueror's prediction finally be proven right?

    • New Avengers
      Episode 22

      When Kang traps the Avengers in a temporal void and once again tries to conquer the world, a new team of heroes is assembled to save the day, but do these unlikely allies have what it takes to work cooperatively and fight off an invasion from the 30th century?

    • 10/7/12

      Upon being cleared of false charges, the Hulk is released from imprisonment. However, he's not quite himself, and may no longer even be fit to be an Avenger. When the Red Hulk takes the green giant's place on the team, Captain America isn't ready to give up on his old friend so easily, and takes the initiative to investigate Hulk's strange behavior.

    • Winter Soldier
      Episode 20
      Captain America and Nick Fury team up to hunt down the Winter Soldier after the Red Skull escapes from prison and hatches a new, diabolic plan.
    • Code Red
      Episode 19

      When mysterious fumes spread through New York City, causing the Avengers and many citizens to contract a strange disease that mutates them into disfigured, red-skinned creatures, Iron Man, whose suit of armor protects him from the fumes, rushes to develop a cure, while Secretary of Defense Dell Rusk's team "Code Red" tries to quarantine Earth's mightiest heroes.

    • Emperor Stark
      Episode 18

      After a month of repairs, Vision awakens to a world ruled by Tony Stark and the Avengers. When Vision frees a few of the Avengers from what appears to be worldwide mind control and the small group of heroes attempts to save the world from one of their own, it soon comes to light that Tony Stark, who appears to be controlling the entire world, isn't even in control of his own body.

    • Yellowjacket
      Episode 17

      In the wake of the tragic "death" of Hank Pym, a new vigilante calling himself Yellowjacket arrives on the scene and hunts down the Serpent Society, eliminating each member one-by-one.

    • Ultron Unlimited
      Episode 16

      One-by-one, the Avengers are attacked and captured by their robotic doubles, creations of Ultron, who has devised a plan to rid the world of the human species, create the perfect body for himself, and construct a female mate. When all seems hopeless for Earth's mightiest heroes, Vision finds himself faced with a decision to make. Will he do what he believes is right and save the Avengers, or remain Ultron's servant and stand by his master's side as all humans are eradicated?

    • Assault on 42
      Episode 15

      When an army of strange aliens attacks 42 (the supervillain prison located in the Negative Zone), the Avengers are left with no other choice than to liberate and join forces with the very villains whom they fought and locked away, in order to fight off the invasion force.

    • 7/29/12

      The Avengers travel to Wakanda to have Captain America's shield repaired as well as attempt to persuade the Black Panther to return to the team. However, the heroes are unexpectedly attacked by a mysterious caped figure who is after both Cap's shield and Wakanda's supply of vibranium.

    • 7/22/12

      Feeling betrayed due to the Skrull imposter of Captain America's actions, people around the world have turned against the old soldier. When the Serpent Society interferes with the transportation of Viper and Cobra to prison, Captain America and the equally mistrusted Spider-Man find themselves deep underground trying to keep a group of innocent bystanders safe from some of the most deadly supervillains, which is even more difficult when the group of people being defended think that their protectors are the very ones from whom they need protection.

    • Secret Invasion
      Episode 12

      The entire planet has been overrun by Skrulls, the imposters have played their parts in taking down the most powerful of humans, the Avengers are scattered and defenseless, and Captain America's position of respect is being used to convince the people of Earth to submit to the invaders. It seems as if all hope is lost and the ancient prophecy stating that the Skrulls will conquer Earth is going to be fulfilled. Now, the remaining heroes must do what they can to protect their world.

    • Infiltration
      Episode 11

      The Skrull invasion begins in Wakanda. Ms. Marvel tries to protect the nation, but an obstinate Black Panther and a team of Skrull imposters of the Avengers make this a difficult endeavor.

    • Prisoner of War
      Episode 10

      Captain America teams up with other prisoners of the Skrulls to escape their captors, but things are complicated when the group encounters the almighty Super-Skrull!

    • Nightmare in Red
      Episode 9

      A mysterious red-skinned Hulk attacks the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier on the Hulk's "day off." As Captain America and Wasp try to defend the Helicarrier from this new monster, who is believed by Maria Hill to be the Hulk, Hawkeye must guard Bruce Banner, who is reluctant to be protected by "his" own teammate.

    • 5/20/12

      Thor joins forces with Beta Ray Bill, a member of the alien race known as the Korbonites who proves his worthiness by lifting Thor's magical hammer Mjölnir, in an effort to battle the evil forces of the fire demon Surtur.

    • 5/13/12

      Nick Fury finally returns with shocking news. When the Avengers learn that a traitor lurks within the team, the heroes are torn apart by mistrust and fear.

    • Michael Korvac
      Episode 6

      An extraterrestrial being named Michael Korvac seeks the Avengers' protection from "villains" who turn out to be the Guardians of the Galaxy. As the Avengers fight the Guardians to keep Korvac safe, they are unaware that they are protecting the wrong person.

    • 4/29/12

      When Hank enlists Luke Cage and Iron Fist to find his stolen suit before someone gets hurt, the three soon learn that there is more to the situation than a few simple bank robberies.

    • 4/22/12

      An alien warrior race known as the Kree visits Earth to make a final decision regarding whether to add Earth to the ever-expanding Kree empire or obliterate it.

    • 4/15/12

      The Enchantress, after being betrayed by Zemo, seeks revenge on her former teammates, leaving the Avengers in the middle of a clash between supervillains.

    • 4/8/12

      An armorless Iron Man fights A.I.M.'s latest creation, the Technovore, while A.I.M. agents go up against Captain America, Black Panther, and War Machine in an effort to steal the armored Avenger's armor.

    • 4/1/12

      The Avengers and the Fantastic Four are attacked by the forces of the villainous Dr. Doom, who kidnaps Wasp and Invisible Woman and unleashes an army of Doombots upon New York City. However, there is more to this evil plan than what's on the surface.

  • Season 1
  • Micro-Episodes