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    Discuss the episode here!

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    Ultron is back ! He built his android The Vision to do some task by stealing adamantium, vibranium, and including Captain America's shield. The Vision was so cool in this episode and he nearly succeeded in completing his mission. The Avengers had a hard time going up against him at Wakanda and he was unstoppable. It's a good thing that Captain America got his Shield back and repaired. The Panther was the real hero that saved the day. He manage to pull the switch by repairing Cap's shield by using Wakanda technology. The Vision's left hand got caught in the ring barrier when he try to reach it. Then his right hand and arm somehow got disintegrated, and The Avengers manage to turn the tide and defeated him. The Vision retreated and told his master Ultron that he failed. Ultron was not surprised and was disappointed by his perfect creation of his android Vision. Speaking of Ultron, last time I remember Ant-Man shut him down when he was deactivated in last season. Somehow Utron manage to reactivate himself and I wonder how did this happen. Anyway I really like this episode so I'm going to give a thumbs up on this one. We have 11 more episodes to go which I believe before this series ends.

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    Vision made a kick ass debute. I always wonder this, but how does Jan get her costume on. Sometimes she is wearing clothes that show a lot of skin, making it impossible for her to be wearing it underneath. She shrinks and they are on. Black Panther is the second character to question if Tony is the right person leading he team. In fairness Tony is gradally becoming a better leader when you compare him to the first 10 or 12 episodes of the series.
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    Vision's introduction episode and was fairly awesome. Liked seeing Panther again after a couple of episodes and Cap's shield is finally repaired. Really can't wait to see more of Vision in the future. And yeah, not sure on how Jan manages to change costumes and whatnot. In some outfits, I can see how she hides her costume, but others, not so sure.

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