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    Discuss the episode here!

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    i gotta say this is hands down my favorite marvel toon of all time ! love the storylines - love the animation - love the character representation ... are there really only a few episodes left ???

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    The final episode of the Secret Invasion arc has finally aired here in the States. It was a action packed climax. Thor and the real Captain America returns to the Avengers. Not sure how Tony knew Thor came back though. The Super Skrulls were an interesting combos. Some had powers of characters that have appeared on the show and some I believe had powers of characters that haven't appeared in the series, yet, but are familiar with. Hill saved the day actually. She left the helicarrier with human crew and left a duplicate robot version of herself. Found were Fury was rescued him and Iron Man who called Thor, who turned the tide.

    Hawkeye and Miss Marvel's bad blood continued in this episode, but used for laughs at some point. The Queen gave too much credit to Iron Man though. Last episode she said Iron Man was the only human who found a way to detect them, but Doom knew way before Stark and Tony had no idea until Fury told him. This episode she says Iron Man was the reason the Avengers were held together. I didn't feel like that at all. Honestly I thought Tony while a key player in this arc, wasn't really the glue that held them together.

    Skrull Captian America giving a speech to make humanity surrender was a nice touch. I doubt it would have worked as smoothy as the Skrulls thought, but he may have succeeded in making some people wonder if they should welcome the Skrull. My little nitpicks for the episode was Capt and the other escaped prisoners having new uniforms and costumes. Iron Man just happening to know Thor returned. All in all a good episode.

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    A nice way to resolve the Secret Invasion storyline.

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    One of my favorite episodes so far. Using Captain America's image to convince the people to surrender was brilliant on the Skrull's part. And the final battle with the Skrulls was well done as well. Didn't expect Thor to return this episode with all of the Surtur stuff going on, but it was pretty cool to see him, Cap, and Iron Man standing together.

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    This episode is good I like it, but I didn't expect the Skrulls get defeated too early in this one episode. The Skrulls prepare and started their attack on Earth. Each different disguise agent Skrulls were assigned to different targets like, Shield Helicarrier, The Sword Kree ship, the Baxter Building, and other facilities. Things were going very well for the Skrulls until they didn't expect some resistances. At first they show Hawkeye, Wasp, and MS. Marvel who were the only remaining Avengers fighting the Super SKrulls. Then the real Captain America, MockingBird, Agent Quartermain, and Viper who also showed up to join the fight. After that Iron Man and Thor also appears to try to even the odds against a bunch of Super Skrulls. The Heroes gave it their all to defeat the Super SKrulls and their Queen Skrull also. I do enjoy this episode even the SKrulls secret invasion didn't last long though.

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    It was a great episode and as I said in another thread, I just don't get how they overlooked the fact the real Cap and others had their uniforms repaired. Was there some matter replicator or something to fix them? That's my main nitpick. But on the point of Ironman, I do agree the Queen gave him too much credit.
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