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Submission Guidelines (Updated 9/1 - Very Important Changes! Please Read!)

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    This is mostly obvious information, but I suggest anyone who submits to a guide that I edit read over these first, so you won't have to worry about a submission being rejected. These are the official rules, so if there is ever a discrepancy regarding whether a rejection, the rules posted here will determine the final verdict of the argument. Think of this as the "Constitution" for this show's guide at TV.com. Whenever there is confusion or a question, we will consult these guidelines to determine who is right. Whatever is stated in these guidelines is the final word on every debate, so it's a good idea to take a look at these.

    1. Check your submissions for spelling and grammar errors. If you're unsure of the spelling of a word or a specific grammar rule, I suggest you Google it. If you're submitting a recap or something lengthy, I suggest typing it in a word processor and copying and pasting it into the TV.com submission box, as the word processor will catch most spelling and grammar errors. I'll usually correct a few minor errors, but if your submission is something long like a recap, chances are I'll miss several errors. Also, I am likely to become frustrated with and biased against any user who submits content riddled with obvious errors that a grade-schooler would not even make.

    2. Comments are mandatory. These should also be useful comments. Writing something like "no comment" or "I'd love to see this episode" doesn't help me process your submission. Explain exactly what you are changing or adding. If you are submitting a quote, trivia blurb, or note, a time code is NOW REQUIRED. All episodes are officially available at http://www.watchcartoononline.com/anime/the-avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes, so there are no excuses for inaccurate transcriptions or lack of time codes. If you experience a problem with this site, please explain that to me in your submission. If you are editing a summary or recap, explain why the correction is necessary. If you are correcting a spelling or grammatical error, identify the exact sentence and word. If it's a recap, the paragraph number also helps.

    3. If applicable, provide a valid source. A direct link is appreciated. IMDB, Wikipedia and other wikis are not valid sources. However, many wikis do provide bibliographies for their articles in which reliable sources are cited. If you find something interesting on a site like Wikipedia, there will often be a source for the content cited at the bottom of the page. If this source is reliable, you can cite it in your submission. Use your own judgment to decide if a source is reliable. If unsure, PM me.

    4. Don't submit recaps until the episode has already aired or is available online through a streaming site.

    5. When submitting cast credits, use the exact name of the character used in the credits at the end of the episode. For example, rather than crediting Drake Bell as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, credit him as Spider-Man a.k.a. Peter Parker is those are the specific words used in the episode credits. I have discovered that press release credits do not always jibe with the episode credits, so I advise waiting until the episode has aired to submit cast credits. Similar rules apply for crew credits. If someone is credited as a supervising producer, credit them as that, as opposed to simply crediting them as a producer.

    6. Submit credits in chunks. I will not accept submissions of only one or a few credits unless the other credits are already inputted and for some reason there were a few cast/crew members left out. (This does happen often due to site glitches.) I recommend submitting all cast members at once, submitting all crew members listed at the beginning of the episode at once, and submitting the crew members listed at the end of the episode in chunks of at least ten at a time. If you just want to submit a few of the many crew members listed at the end of an episode just to make a small contribution to TV.com without exhausting yourself, that is acceptable, as long as you don't then proceed to submit every other crew member in small chunks.

    7. Before submitting something, be sure to verify that the information has not already been submitted. Often, for notes, quotes, trivia, and allusions, not all blurbs will appear on the main page. If this is the case, click "See All" to view all blurbs. If a submission has not yet been processed and/or published before another user submits the same content, I have no choice other than to reject the user who submitted the content second (or third, fourth, etc.)

    8. Notes should concern an episode's production. Uncredited cast and crew members, production notes, in-jokes, and the original air date of an episode in a country other than the USA are all examples of notes. Usually, background information on a cast or crew member is not relevant.

    9. For each episode, there will be only one note listing all foreign premiere dates. Before submitting a foreign premiere date, check to see if there is already a note listing foreign premiere dates. If so, add the date to that note rather than submitting it as a new note.

    10. Trivia blurbs are little-known facts or details concerning the content of an episode. These should usually be things that viewers of the episode probably wouldn't notice.

    11. Allusions are references to other characters, etc. in popular media. Allusions do not include references to other episodes in the same series. If you are referencing something a character says, include the specific quote.

    12. Quotes, notes, trivia, and allusions should be significant and relevant. If unsure, PM me and ask before submitting, or, if you aren't concerned about your rate of rejected submissions, you could just submit your blurb and hope it is seen by me as significant and relevant. Usually, if you feel the need to explain to me in the comments why your submission is relevant or important, it is not important. The significance should be obvious to anyone who views the guide.

    13. Write everything (except for quotes) in your own words.

    14. All content should be completely accurate. Quotes should be accurate word-for-word. Don't make any assumptions or predictions. If you are submitting an episode summary before the episode airs based on a press release or preview, only include information that is specifically stated in the press release. After the episode airs, you can submit a more detailed summary.

    15. A summary should be a general and brief explanation of what the episode is about. Don't include spoilers or excessive details. Recaps should explain the events of every scene in detail, although they shouldn't include things like quotes or extremely insignificant details such as "Hawkeye fixes his hair on the way back to the mansion." Recaps shouldn't include stage directions or phrases such as "in this scene" or "the episode begins with."

    16. Recaps shouldn't include many (or any) side notes. Stick to the facts and specifically state events that occurred in the episode. Don't include phrases such as "like Iron Man did in episode 21."

    17. If you submit a new episode, you must include the summary and original U.S. air date.

    18. If a quote contains an allusion, submit it as an allusion. It doesn't need to be added as a quote as well even if it is both humorous and referencing popular media.

    19. As the editor of this guide, I reserve the right to make any changes to these guidelines as necessary. The date these guidelines were last updated will always be included in the topic title, and all submissions will be moderated based on the guidelines in effect as of the date each submission was received.

    20. Submissions will be moderated within five (5) business days. If for some reason I will not be able to log on for an extended period of time, I will make an announcement beforehand and inform the TV.com staff to moderate all submissions in my queue until I return.

    If you have any questions, don't understand why a submission was rejected, or aren't sure if a submission is acceptable and want to "play it safe," just send me a PM. I'll be glad to provide any help needed.

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