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    Discuss the episode here!

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    Did Antman develop a second personality?

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    Looks Like Hank Pym got a new gimmick and he's no longer Ant-Man. He still has issues of himself in the past not being a fighter like the rest of the Avengers. This time his life starting to change with a different look and attitude. He try to fake his own death making the rest of the Avengers believe he was murdered. Hank Pym became Yellow Jacket and he had a new toy gun that zaps villains like the Serpent Society into his new micro prison zone. I was curious about this too if he really develop a second personality or not. He did act kind of differently when he became Yellow Jacket. The Avengers didn't know who he was until later, and they didn't like what he was doing against the Serpent Society. They thought he disintegrated all six Serpent Society with his new toy gun which he didn't really. The exciting part was the Avengers confronted Yellow Jacket and they both accidently got zap inside his gun along the rest of the Serpent Society. The Avengers knows the truth what he was doing and his micro prison zone started to go unstable. The Avengers needed Yellow Jacket's help to get out of his micro prison zone. They were stuck and caught fighting between the Serpent Society and Hank's collapse gun micro prison. At the end Hank manage to snap himself out from his head and figure out how to leave his micro prison from his gun. This episode was good to see and I guess we don't have to worried about the Serpent Society anymore since this series is almost over.

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