The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 6

Michael Korvac

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM May 06, 2012 on Disney XD

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  • Dust Devil

    There are times when I would read a comic book or even watch an animated program and I would at a moment or two pay attention to some random character other than a main character focused, whether it be a certain civilian or henchman/woman and I would wonder who is this person, what are they thinking. This is probably one of my favorate episodes of the show and it's a dark and sad episode and what's interesting about it is the fact that it's focused on a character that's not an Avenger but an ordinary person whom was once ordinary. I would of given it more, it's just I wish we could of learned more about Mike which is why I felt this should of been more of a two parter, but we do care enough all the same.

    You can't help but feel a sense of pathos for the character as he is just tramatized and broken from his abduction experence. In a way it really shows how the actions of villians/supervillians have dire consequences on the innocent, which is a common truth in all comic book lore but we don't think too much about that because it always is something that happens indirectly or never explored in depth. Here it's different because we see it directly, and you can't help but feel for him because you know not just has something been done to his body and mind but this was a guy who had aspirations mainly with his significant other Helen whom he was engaged to and were going to be married at some point but his experence took that away from him along with years of his life he could of had with her.

    But it gets even worse as we discover that unfortunately whatever the aliens did to him made him go mad giving him almost a god complex and he not just obiterated the aliens but has obliterated planets and their populous because they were alien and a threat in his mind, but mainly ensure Helen will be safe from them. The Avengers do their best to stop him and mainly want to try and help him but their efforts are to no avil, and due to how powerful he's became your not sure that he really can be captured and saved and killing him might be the only option to save billions from destruction. It's sort of the terrible dillema of killing a rapid dog, you know you have to because you will prevent others from getting rabies and dying but also know this was once an ordinary dog.

    What makes this more interesting is that in the end it was really a civilan that saved the earth in the end which is something I don't see much. Mike's significant other Helen does this with reason and her love for him. In a way I feel that a good message showing how sometimes the power of reason and love can be more powerful than a weapon or superpower because no one gets physically hurt or dies. The ending really gives you a sad and empty feeling inside as Mike does the last human thing he is capable of doing, sacrificing himself so that Helen can live. In war it is always the innocent that pay the most.
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