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  • I need help

    I'm loving the new series of Avengers, but why is it I've not seen a lot of the information they show on the Previously section at the start of each episode? This week in Welcome to the Kree Empire I hadn't seen the bits with Ms Marvel and Mar-Vel and felt like I had missed a really good introduction. Help!
  • Epic!

    The best show on television.
  • Terrific show!

    I use to watch that show. I was great show. But i miss that show. When I used to watch Avengers Assemble. But I really like those heroes team up for the first time. But I really found it most interesting show. But I was sad that they cancelled it. But I love it!
  • Avengers Assemble

    Don't worry show is not getting cancelled. Name change is coming just like JL to JLU. The new show is going to be called Avengers Assemble, look for it.
  • Abnormally Normal!!!!!

    Any info on why the Season 2 Episode "Powerless" never aired?? It is an episode where Enchantress used a spell on Ironman, Capt. America, and Thor that made them normal humans ie. Ironman (not a genious) Capt. America (Steve w/ no super soldier serum) and Thor ( mortal) Anybody???
  • At first, Ihad my doubts about this series. I was worried that it wouldn't live up to the standards the original comic book series had set. As it turned out, I was worrying for no reason. It's well worthy of the name Avengers.Aye, forsooth, and verily


    When I first saw this series, the animation didn't impress me, unfortunately. I must have been spoiled by the quality of Fox' old X-men cartoon (at least the first few seasons of it, anyway), but as it progressed, I found myself overlooking most of the problems and actually enjoying it. Just like the comic book, the series doesn't waste any time in grabbing your attention. It also holds onto it and doesn't get boring. The action comes fast and furious, and the character interplay is quite enjoyable, and to me that interplay is a large part of what makes or breaks a show, especially one like this. Unfortunately, though, one of the few problems I'm having difficulty getting past is Tony (Iron Man) Stark's constant whining. I don't recall him ever being like this, constantly pointing out that the mansion is HIS every chance he gets, rubbing it in everyone else's face that it's HIS money that pays for its upkeep and all. When you're in a business like the Avengers are, he seemed to know and accept (at least in the comic) that property damage was going to come with the territory. If I were his team mates, I'd get pretty tired of him constantly harping about it. He offered the place as a headquarters. Stop complaining about it every time it gets a little beaten up. He also seems to think that because he offered the headquarters he should be able to boss everyone else around on missions. Just because he pays for the equipment doesn't mean he is the most qualified to lead the team.

    As far as the other characters are concerned, I think the creative team has done a fantastic job with them, holding them true to their comic book counterparts. I especially like Thor in this series. His asides and quiet comments, (like the one about the mansion having its own voice and being quite unsettling) help make the show fun, and let's face it -- Asgard looks a lot better here than it did in the movie. Hawkeye has definitely kept his cocky bravado and the way the show weaves in his relationship with the Black Widow is proving to be quite well done. Janet is impressing me as well. She may be small (most of the time) but she certainly is no light-weight. Thor said it best, I think, when he told Tony "Remind me never to incur her wrath". If she inspires such respect in the thunder god, she must be formidable indeed. The Hulk is ok, I guess. I'm still not used to him being able to talk so well but I guess a lot has happened since I last got into comics.

    Speaking of a lot happening, I'm still not sure I care for the Black Panther using all these vibranium weapons, either. He always struck me as the type to never need them. Be that as it may, though, I have always liked the character and I'm glad to see they brought him in. Giant Man, on the other hand, I could do without. He seems redundant on a team that already has "the strongest one there is" in the Hulk. I've always preferred Hank as Yellowjacket, he seemed to go along better with Wasp as that character.

    Of course, where would the Avengers be without Captain America. He has more experience as a fighter and is the more logical choice I'd think to lead the team. Will we see problems develop between he and Tony as that becomes more obvious? We'll see.

    And of course, every hero team has to have its cast of super villains to go up against, and this one doesn't fail. Baron Zemo, Arnim Zola, the Enchantress, Kang... the list goes on and on, and they all seem to have their own agendas, whether they're working together or not, so it promises to be interesting for quite a while to come.

    The artwork on the series is good, the storylines are interesting, and the acting is, for the most part, better than I'd expected. I still love Thor's calling out "For Midgard!". When he does, it always gives me goosebumps, because it's so effective. When he gets that angry, you KNOW someone's butt's about to be sent into the middle of next week...

    On the whole, the show is doing a great job so far, even if it's only one season old. It's got a lot of promise for a long and interesting future.

  • I'm a big Marvel and DC fan! This show definitly delivered! It just throws you right into the story and action all the way to the end! I highly recomend this show to anyone who loves great quality animation and a great story!!

    First, the animation is awsome! The charecters are rich in detail and the voices for each charecter are great! The action scenes are realy good and intense, not recomended for kids who watch sponge bob or adventure time. Third, the story was great!! So many set ups and arcs and cliff hangers made me always wanting more at the end of every episode!
    The last show that did that good was JLU with that project cadmus story arc throught the whole season and young justice looks to be right behind this series, if they ever air more episodes.

    Any way, great show loved it!!! :-D
  • Taken from us too soon??

    It hurts my brain and it hurts my heart..... Which monumental D-bag decided to kill this awesome series in favor of some new retread? I know the movies have done well. That's just super. But is it really so necessary to try to wring every last drop of revenue out of that particular franchise? I thought EMH was fantastic on its own- well developed characters; interesting, complex story arcs; and entertaining enough for adults, even though it was rated for kids (btw, I LOVED that they gave kids something so nuanced- I would have been crazy for this show at any age!).

    I just don't get it. It's supremely disappointing, and it reminds me of the risks involved in investing in a show- even a great show- until I know that the "powers that be," which could be translated as, "unimaginative a-holes who worship at the filthy altar of the almighty dollar," have given said show leave to run its course. Ideally at its own pace. But I guess that's just a pipe dream.... I mean, it's not like any network wants another Seinfeld, right?.....................
  • Finally MARVEL has a Quality Cartoon on par with DC!

    Growing up, I always enjoyed the Marvel Comics universe. I've been disappointed with the animated series that Marvel has produced over the years because the characters were not true to their comic roots like the DC comic cartoons were. I am happy to say things have changed and FINALLY Marvel kept to its roots and produced an excellent animated Avengers series. I wish they did this with Spidey and the Xmen as I am still not a fan of the past animated incarnations of those franchises. Anyway, I recommend this Avengers series! Can't wait for the next season.
  • One day I was watching Clone Wars with some of my friends and we had been drinking. After Star Wars was over a image of Ironman came on the screen and we were hooked instantly.


    This is the best bar none comic book adaptation that Marvel has ever created. I read many of the Avengers comic books and I can tell you that each character is the character from the comics. If you read the comics you know that Captain America is Captain America in this. Thor is real. Hawkeye is Clint Barton. What I love is that the writing is spot on. Kang the conqueror! Ultron! Loki! The Masters of evil, are you kidding me!!!!? This show is like a dream come true. I can't wait for season 2 . Are we going to see Korvac?? I know I saw somewhere that the Guardians of the Galaxy are appearing. What will Captain Marvell look like? The Captain Marvel you saw in Season 1 was the originalto the comics....The Kree Skrull war? I wonder if we will see Rick Jones? They will definitely make more of these if we support them. It would definitely be a shame to end it after 2 seasons because you have over 40 plus years of material to utilize.

  • The Avengers cartoon. an amazing creation

    first time i heard about this show. i had my doubts. i was scared this show would become what that old avengers show was (in the 90's..)

    but after watching the first 10 episodes..hell after watching episode 1.. a***www yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    the show is amazing. i have always loved the comics..well im 17 im a perfect age for it xD

    the show is great. nice animation. perfect heroes to start out with. i like the little refrences to other heroes ever now and then. the storyline(from the new avengers 1st story) is a great way to start the series.

    cant wait for season 2 :)
  • Awesomeness Assemble!

    Marvel Animation has done it again with its new series Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The show focuses on some of Marvels greatest hero's(Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-man etc.) working together to protect the world from some of its worst villeins(Masters of Evil, Gravtion, The Leader, etc.) that all mysteriously escaped their holdings all at once, not to mention other villeins as well like Kang, Loki, and Wonder Man. It has great animation and spectacular fight scene, and they react to each other like real teammates with disagrees and arguments from time to time. It could stand to have more hero cameos every now and then(hopefully Spider-man) but other then that a great show all around.
  • The best show DisneyXD has ever released!!! I'm a Marvel fan since I was old enough to read (I'm 48) and have seen many different versions of the Avengers on tv over the years. This is the most well conceived version of a Marvel comic ever. I only hope >


    the suits at Disney or Marvel let this masterpeice go longer than they did with Spectacular Spiderman. The Kree Invasion storyline (not a spoiler-you saw the final scene in Season 1) will make for a good Season 2. Need to incorporate more Marvel heroes into the series. Spiderman, Doctor Strange, some of the international heroes from Contest of Champions (look it up) and maybe, no, definitely Alpha Flight need to make apperances. If Marvel is REALLY smart they'd use the Avengers as a launchpad for a slew of Marvel shows or one show featuring different heroes each week. I expect The Avengers to go a minimum of 7 years with all the possible storylines from the comic books and some original material. Excelsior!!!

  • Marvel's long awaited answer to DC's JLU, The Avengers is the long awaited TV cartoon that will please many fans new and old, and is a huge improvement over the stupidity of The Super Hero Squad

    I recently caught this show on the other night and saw 2 episodes, and from what I saw the show was brilliant. The Avengers is similar to JLU. A group of heroes bond together and protect the world from evil after various villains escape from captivity. So even though the show is similar to JLU, it's a big improvement over some of the recent Marvel shows. The characters on this show are excellent and are well defined. Everyone is given great characterization and acts like who they are supposed to be. Unlike The Super Hero Squad, this show keeps the characters to remain true to their comic book counterparts and roots. They even have arcs to them and change a little. The artwork looks really great. The characters have unique designs, and the sets look beautiful. The stories I have seen contained plenty of action, mystery, suspense, and drama. I believe those elements really made the show come to life and made it so interesting to watch and see what happens. This is indeed a huge improvement over The Super Hero Squad, and this show has a promising future. If you are a Marvel fan or are morbidly curious about this show, then go see it, and you will not be sorry at all.
  • Along Came a Spider

    I am really excited to see my favorite Old Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man coming to join the Avengers after the Skrulls Invasion in this TV series. I hope the show doesn't get cancelled because i'm looking forward to seeing the Web-Slinger in action and other Marvel heroes.
  • Opening sequence

    Why or why did they have to mess with that superb opening intro with a lame VO by Nick Fury?? Disappointing! The rest of the show is great as usual.
  • Perfect show.

    Finally, they made a great counterpart show of DC's Justice League, The Avengers. The Avengers is somewhat more unique than Justice League, as they are more dynamic. They have superheroes that use their humanly skills instead of their gifts, example, Black Widow, Hawkeye. Iron Man is not gifted, but he gained powers by his brain, he made that suit using his skills in science. However, Justice League and Avengers are fair for me, Their plots, are fairly matched, DC is dark, Avengers is dynamic. They're good actually. Justice League has unique characters, Avengers has that too. But Avengers has the most unique heroes' abilities.

    Overall: 10. Let's wish that this won't get cancelled for no reasons, like those other good shows got cancelled.
  • Avengers Assemble the future!

    This whole 2nd season is full of cameos. If you think Spider-man showing up is something, wait until you see the episode "New Avengers". I'm not worried that their going to cancel the series I just hope that there is at least a season 3. the final Episode only leaves one thing unresolved, so whoes to say. This has been a series that i wished i had growing up, like Justice League, But it's here now i guess.
  • One of the best Marvel series

    This is Marvel at it's finest. Never have i seen The Avengers so well written so deep into their comic book counterparts. I am not a deep comic book reader but these are incredibly close to what i've read or heard. Entertaining, exiting and exhilarating, like the old X-men animated series i used to watch when i was a little boy. IT'S AWESOME, i love these series, top notch.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes... EPIC!!!

    This is one of the best animated action series that has ever been created! The animation, the writing, and the voice actors are all excellent! Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes has everything a Marvel fan can ever want... intense action, great drama, good humor, and a vast selection of heroes & villains.

    If the live action film is anything like this series, than I have no doubt that it will be a box office smash (no Hulk pun intended)! There is just so much possibilities with this show, and I can't wait to see what Marvel has in store for all of us.

    This show is, and I really mean this, equal to Justice League: Unlimited, if not slightly surpassing it (but then again, I'm more of a Marvel fan, so that's just my opinion). It is rare to find a show that is this entertaining. It just goes to show you that there can still be great action shows, if we get the right people working on it.

    Also, I really like the fact that the characters: Hulk, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man/Ant Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Panther, etc; finally get the respect they deserve! I mean they portray them as they should be portrayed in essence with the comics, which what makes this show that much better.

    So, if you're looking for an action packed show, with a lot of action, plenty of drama & suspense/mystery, and tons of heroes & villains... than The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, is just for you! It's a great show, which promises to be a long running series.

    Don't miss out on something this awesome! I assure you that you won't be disappointed!
  • About tgIME

    Suit up and get ready for one heck of a superhero experience. This is by far the best animated superhero show currently on television. Superior voice work, excellent artwork and amazing story telling.