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  • Marvel's long awaited answer to DC's JLU, The Avengers is the long awaited TV cartoon that will please many fans new and old, and is a huge improvement over the stupidity of The Super Hero Squad

    I recently caught this show on the other night and saw 2 episodes, and from what I saw the show was brilliant. The Avengers is similar to JLU. A group of heroes bond together and protect the world from evil after various villains escape from captivity. So even though the show is similar to JLU, it's a big improvement over some of the recent Marvel shows. The characters on this show are excellent and are well defined. Everyone is given great characterization and acts like who they are supposed to be. Unlike The Super Hero Squad, this show keeps the characters to remain true to their comic book counterparts and roots. They even have arcs to them and change a little. The artwork looks really great. The characters have unique designs, and the sets look beautiful. The stories I have seen contained plenty of action, mystery, suspense, and drama. I believe those elements really made the show come to life and made it so interesting to watch and see what happens. This is indeed a huge improvement over The Super Hero Squad, and this show has a promising future. If you are a Marvel fan or are morbidly curious about this show, then go see it, and you will not be sorry at all.
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