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  • The best show DisneyXD has ever released!!! I'm a Marvel fan since I was old enough to read (I'm 48) and have seen many different versions of the Avengers on tv over the years. This is the most well conceived version of a Marvel comic ever. I only hope >


    the suits at Disney or Marvel let this masterpeice go longer than they did with Spectacular Spiderman. The Kree Invasion storyline (not a spoiler-you saw the final scene in Season 1) will make for a good Season 2. Need to incorporate more Marvel heroes into the series. Spiderman, Doctor Strange, some of the international heroes from Contest of Champions (look it up) and maybe, no, definitely Alpha Flight need to make apperances. If Marvel is REALLY smart they'd use the Avengers as a launchpad for a slew of Marvel shows or one show featuring different heroes each week. I expect The Avengers to go a minimum of 7 years with all the possible storylines from the comic books and some original material. Excelsior!!!