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  • One day I was watching Clone Wars with some of my friends and we had been drinking. After Star Wars was over a image of Ironman came on the screen and we were hooked instantly.


    This is the best bar none comic book adaptation that Marvel has ever created. I read many of the Avengers comic books and I can tell you that each character is the character from the comics. If you read the comics you know that Captain America is Captain America in this. Thor is real. Hawkeye is Clint Barton. What I love is that the writing is spot on. Kang the conqueror! Ultron! Loki! The Masters of evil, are you kidding me!!!!? This show is like a dream come true. I can't wait for season 2 . Are we going to see Korvac?? I know I saw somewhere that the Guardians of the Galaxy are appearing. What will Captain Marvell look like? The Captain Marvel you saw in Season 1 was the originalto the comics....The Kree Skrull war? I wonder if we will see Rick Jones? They will definitely make more of these if we support them. It would definitely be a shame to end it after 2 seasons because you have over 40 plus years of material to utilize.