The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 12

Secret Invasion

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 15, 2012 on Disney XD
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The entire planet has been overrun by Skrulls, the imposters have played their parts in taking down the most powerful of humans, the Avengers are scattered and defenseless, and Captain America's position of respect is being used to convince the people of Earth to submit to the invaders. It seems as if all hope is lost and the ancient prophecy stating that the Skrulls will conquer Earth is going to be fulfilled. Now, the remaining heroes must do what they can to protect their world.

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  • I have seen TV shows go down the crapper quick, but nothing like this episode

    So this episode was meant as the grant finish to seasons two major plot, the Scrulls invasion. And what happens, no story, no mystery, no build up to the battle which should have been gigantic, for the future of earth after all, but it wasn't. What we end up with is a few seconds worth of super-scrulls and some of the Avengers hitting each other, and the Avengers easily overcoming their enemies. No excitement and no thought through ending to an otherwise brilliant season 2, so far.

    And what the hell happened to Captain America's voice...moreless

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    • Veranke: I don't understand. It was written. The prophecies foretold it. They said Earth would be ours! How can this be?
      Ms. Marvel: (blasts Veranke) Write that.

    • Skrull Captain America: You can't possibly think you can beat me. We're the same. I have your strength, your skill. I know every thought you have.
      Captain America: There's more to human beings than our bodies and minds...something you'll never understand - our spirit! We never surrender! We never give up! Ever!

    • Captain America: You! You lied to the Avengers, to the whole world, all using my face!
      Skrull Captain America: I didn't do anything. You did!

    • Nick Fury: How'd you find me?
      Maria Hill: I found you two months ago. I just didn't tell anyone.

    • Maria Hill: (regarding the Helicarrier) I've had the same car since I was nineteen, and never had a problem. Yet, this thing falls out of the sky every other Thursday!

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