The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 12

Secret Invasion

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Jul 15, 2012 on Disney XD



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    • Veranke: I don't understand. It was written. The prophecies foretold it. They said Earth would be ours! How can this be?
      Ms. Marvel: (blasts Veranke) Write that.

    • Skrull Captain America: You can't possibly think you can beat me. We're the same. I have your strength, your skill. I know every thought you have.
      Captain America: There's more to human beings than our bodies and minds...something you'll never understand - our spirit! We never surrender! We never give up! Ever!

    • Captain America: You! You lied to the Avengers, to the whole world, all using my face!
      Skrull Captain America: I didn't do anything. You did!

    • Nick Fury: How'd you find me?
      Maria Hill: I found you two months ago. I just didn't tell anyone.

    • Maria Hill: (regarding the Helicarrier) I've had the same car since I was nineteen, and never had a problem. Yet, this thing falls out of the sky every other Thursday!

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