The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 7

Who Do You Trust?

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM May 13, 2012 on Disney XD
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Nick Fury finally returns with shocking news. When the Avengers learn that a traitor lurks within the team, the heroes are torn apart by mistrust and fear.

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  • The Truth is out

    Nick is back (and looking better than ever). the Avengers are over! :( for now though! evil cap is having a better time than everyone else -__- and the BIG TWIST!! =O woah man...

    such a great episode. not really much action but it was a good dramatic episode. cant wait to see how this holds up!
  • The Hidden

    "Man is the warmest place to hide."

    John Carpenter's "The Thing"

    This is another really dark episode, the Avenger have always had a good bond but now that bond has broken. In a way the whole revolving Skrull plot has played out like a Hitchcock thriller. We are steps ahead of the protagonists the susupense is hoping they'll be able to piece it together on time. The Skrulls are almost similar to the dopleganger alien in the sci-fi horror movie "The Thing" just like that alien not just can they physcially imatate any identity they want but they can inherit their memories and a bit of their persona. Which makes them all the more impossible to spot.

    One favorate scene I thought was suspensful was when we see Iron Man's viewpoint as his is spying on all the Avengers in cloak mode, in a way this is a slight homage to Hitchcock's "Rear Window" as that film used the point of view of the camera lens. That moment when Black Panther viewed Iron Man's direction was creepy, it really gets at that common fear of being seen when you don't want to.

    And of course there is this arguement going on, I really like what Iron Man says and I feel he makes a vaild point about distrusting his team. He has a right to because some of these team members have done some shady things that have almost crossed ethical boundaries. In a way the theme of the episode is about how little we know about our fellow man, it's true we can know a person but the thing is we don't really know completely about their private lives or even what they do when were not with them. But also exposes folies of characters that can make them easy targets of distrust or to fall into it. For Janet one of her strength's has been being socialble which is why she's able to make friends easily, but it's also a weakness because she gives her trust to people too easily or quickly. Carol weakness to me is the fact she falls into that social trap of being all business which makes her detached and her personal life suffer.

    And of course we see things go to hell as the debate erupts into a physical battle (it always seems to in the comic book world), it was fun seeing the Avengers go against one another in almost a free for all gladitorial battle. But what happens at the end is sad, as we see three of the Avengers go their own way, despite a few of them staying I know that bond won't last because of what is already known that Captain America is the Skrull. I'm hoping it will cross one of the characters minds.

    The ending gives you a bit of a unsettling feeling inside, as we see it's not just the Avengers that have been inflitrated but Nick Fury's covert team also, I actually had a feeling about that and so did Tony. We see who it is and it really makes me wonder how many more are out there.moreless
  • officially

    I like the part where Ms.Marvel fights against Griffin while the Captain, Wasp and Hawkeye watch them fight and joke.

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