The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Sep 09, 2012 on Disney XD
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In the wake of the tragic "death" of Hank Pym, a new vigilante calling himself Yellowjacket arrives on the scene and hunts down the Serpent Society, eliminating each member one-by-one.

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  • Sting

    "Man's gotta know his limmitations."

    Dirty Harry

    This is probably another of my favorate episodes of the show. Hank Pym/Ant Man is my second favorate male avenger in the show because I felt he was the one that was the most emotionally conflicted and had the most development out of all of them.

    I'll admit Yellow Jacket is awesome he's sort of like Batman (almost), he's inventive, uses stealth, but most of all dark, charismatic and aggresive. I really like how there is the shroud of mystery about him, we just like Janet suspects it's Hank but we don't have any proof. According to Avengers records the bio signatures of both Hank and Yellow Jacket don't match, but knowing Hank he could of easily forged them. But most of all Yellow Jacket's persona is radically different from Hank. Hank was always shy, passive agressive type, and was pasifistic where Yellow Jacket is the opposite. However one moment that made me completely confirm it was Hank was Yellow Jacket's fight with Janet/Wasp, he was holding back and there was a soft tone to his voice at some moments of his talk with her.

    We of course do find out that it's Hank and we then see all of them in the micro prison he's invented. We see the results of his prison how with it he can detain an infinate amount of perpetrators as well as have the choice on how long they stay. I'll admit seeing the power of his invention is kinda scary because of it's corrupt nature and kinda put Hank/Yellow Jacket one step close to being a super villian. Yeah, it really does give you the power to exercise the law anyway you want but the question is if you should. Also there are a couple of dangers to it, what if the next man he imprisions is an innocent man or woman, or worst of all what if gets into the wrong hands. It was also both supprising and a little disturbing to see how much Hank has radically changed in persona. We see him express hatred for himself how much his old persona, how those old beliefs and methodology didn't punish the guilty adiquitely and let some walk. And even how weak his old persona was which lost him friends but worst of all never getting Janet into his life. Though this arguement I couldn't help but agree a little because he's not completely wrong.

    It really deals with the issues of vigilantism, ethical boundaries the temptation of breaking them and importance to maintain them, passive and agressive resistance, dual persona, and how much people can change.

    And theres a good battle in the end which then leads to a profound moment for Hank when his love Janet is caught by one of the serpant gang and the psycho is about to tear her apart. The way Hank saves Janet it great because instead of agressive force, he used his head like he always does, it just shows the old Hank isn't gone. And after everything is set right he joins the Avengers and both Janet and Hank final become a couple, about time I was getting sick of waiting.

    As a saying goes the more things change the more they stay the same.moreless

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