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The Avengers: United They Stand

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The Avengers: United They Stand is a 1999 animated television series produced by Marvel Enterprises and Saban Entertainment and distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Television. The series showcases a group widely drawing from the line-up of the 1984 Avengers offshoot The West Coast Avengers, made up of the Wasp, Wonder Man, Tigra, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch. Marvel briefly published a comic book tie-in. Written by Ty Templeton, he managed to make the best of the odd character designs and even managed to tell some accessible, fun, classic Avengers stories. 13 episodes in length, it originally aired from October 30, 1999 to February 26, 2000, and was produced by Avi Arad.

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  • Not worth assembling

    I've recently developed a love for The Avengers. This show was from the weaker end of the movies/tv shows dedicated to that group of Marvel's superheroes.

    While the animation is passable (although sometimes too simple, repetitive, and using "real" images in explosions which really makes the scene look more goofy), the story was the biggest problem: there were plot holes the size of Giant-Man, most of the interaction and the way the story was carried deserved rolled eyes, and while all the superhero elements were there, the emotional level of the series was rather flat, due to flimsy sequences and horrible lines.

    Bearable, but not whole-heartedly recommended.moreless

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