The Avengers

Season 6 Episode 33


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 21, 1969 on ITV

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  • Time for Steed and Tara to leave. Sadly.

    There are pleasures in this final episode of "The Avengers" - Roy Kinnear, an actor who fitted very snugly into the show more than once, works his socks off to get laughs and, despite the script, does; the absurd plot has occasional turns and moments in the old tradition, though these are few. And it seems right, somehow, that Steed and Tara should find themselves in outer space at the end, even though this device is tagged on very lazily indeed and has no real place in the segment. But, oh, how sad that so once-stylish and clever, so inventive and witty, a show should be reduced to this pallid, asinine imitation of its great days! Thanks for all the memories - a pity the show had to end so unmemorably.