The Avengers

Season 5 Episode 23


Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1967 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Emma's old friend, Paul Croft, returns from abroad to retire to Little Storping-in-the Swurf. Unfortunately, the village seems to be run along very strange lines. Threatened by yokels, Emma finds herself outnumbered.

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  • Best waste of money

    They're now charging 2.99 per episode to watch these. Thanks, but no thanks. A DVD set would be cheaper and you can rewatch it.
  • An Emma Peel episode.

    In some episodes of The Avengers one of the protagonists tended to take all the spotlight. This is one of them, with Emma Peel getting forty minutes of solo time. Steed only shows up in the first scene and the last eight minutes. Not only that, he appears to be less than his usual brilliant self in the telephone conversation. Knowing that Emma is speaking in code, he replies without any coded messages. How did he know that the bad guys weren't listening in on the conversation? (The town's telephone operator was in on the plot but didn't overhear this?)

    What makes this episode a classic Avengers instalment is the unusual atmosphere, the style and wit of Diana Rigg and that bygone (empty) English countryside.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is the only episode where the subtitle, 'Emma Marries Steed/Steed Becomes a Father', places Emma first.

    • In the Village Museum there is an Iron Maiden. This is exactly the same prop that was used in the episode Castle De'ath. In that episode, it was the secret entrance to the submarine control centre.

    • Tag: In Steed's flat, Emma, drinking champagne through a straw, is finding difficulty in removing the medieval helmet from her head. After several attempts, Steed manages to remove it. Commenting that she hadn't adjusted it properly, then showing her how it should be worn, he too finds it stuck firmly around his ears. At last he's become Emma's knight in shining armour!

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Steed: How was the trip?
      Mrs. Peel: Two hours late.
      Croft: Held up in Karachi.
      Mrs. Peel: Runaway elephant.
      Croft: No, no, an elephant on the runway.

    • (Mrs. Peel isn't sure whether a police constable is who he says he is.)
      Dr. Haynes: Oh, now, you saw him arrive in a police car, wearing a uniform.
      Mrs. Peel: And patent socks. Did you ever see a policeman wearing brightly coloured, patent socks?

    • Steed: I took your advice, went to the pub. The landlord was extremely inhospitable. He came after me with a 12-bore. I hadn't even criticised the beer.

    • "In which Emma marries Steed - and Steed becomes a father."

    • Mrs. Peel's change in demeanour rouses Steed's suspicions.
      (Speaking to each other on the telephone)
      Mrs. Peel: John darling, it's Emma.
      Steed: Uh? Oh Mrs…
      Mrs. Peel: Don't be silly darling, your wife. How's my little Johnsy wonsy?
      Steed: Johnsy wonsy's fine. But you sound as if you've been soaking up just a little bit too much grape juice.

    • Little Storping-in-the Swuff, the Best Kept Village, is not all that it seems.
      (Sitting outside an idyllic looking pub, playing dominoes.)
      Mickle: Nice day Hubert.
      Hubert: Aye, it is a nice day.
      Mickle:Yesterday was nice too.
      Hubert: Aye. Yesterday was a nice day. Might rain though.
      Mickle : Oh, I don't know.
      (A petrified man stumbles backwards out of the pub door way and is shot twice. He lies dead in the middle of the road while Hubert and Mickle ignore what is going on and continue playing dominoes.)
      Mickle: Might be right Hubert. Funny old day. Might rain.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Pretending to be his wife on the telephone, Emma tells Steed to "kiss little Albert for me, and Julian, and Baby Brian." This is an allusion to Fennell, Wintle and Clemens.