The Avengers

Season 6 Episode 31


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 1969 on ITV

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  • Tara loses her mind

    The villains in this episode are a pair of brothers who want to find a treasure their grandfather has hidden inside their mansion. The problem is that he thinks it's 1915, and his prize possession is a photograph of his late try love Pandora. Noticing that Tara King is a double for Pandora, they lurer her an antique shop and chloroform her. Then but fake her death by putting a skeleton in her clothes and setting her car on fire. Steed, he knows that Tara isn't a skeleton, decides to investigate and finds a scrap of paper that fell out of one of the brothers pockets during the struggle. Tara, in the meantime, had been drugged and frighten half to death, and doesn't remember who she is even after another dose of chloroform. The old man dies and in frustration one of the brothers destroys the picture of Pandora which unbeknown to him hid a valuable painting behind it. Steed arrives to keep the brother from finishing off Tara.