The Avengers - Season 3

ITV (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • Lobster Quadrille
    Lobster Quadrille
    Episode 26
    A man is burned in a fishing hut, and among the surviving items is an unusual chess piece. Cathy is endeavouring to discover a secret code which is built into a chess game. Steed finds that Cathy is missing, and while looking for her stumbles upon some drugs which belong to some fishermen involved in smuggling dope.moreless
  • Esprit De Corps
    Esprit De Corps
    Episode 25
    Corporal Craig of the Highland Guards dies a most mysterious death. Steed finds himself involved in an exercise to capture London, and ends up facing the same firing squad as Corporal Craig.
  • Concerto
    Episode 24
    Brilliant young Soviet pianist Stefan Velika is giving his first concert in London. But somebody is attempting to smear Velika's name, and this in turn is impingeing on important Trade talks between representatives of the Russian senate and their British counterparts.
  • The Charmers
    The Charmers
    Episode 23
    Opposition agent Vinkel has died, and his employers believe that Steed was responsible. Believing it to be the work of a third party, Steed suggests to the opposition that he work with them in order to find out who was responsible.
  • The Outside-In Man
    The Outside-In Man
    Episode 22
    Steed is protecting Sharp, a man whom, ironically, the Service had been trying to kill five years earlier. Other agents die whilst trying to protect this man who has outlived his usefulness to Abarain.
  • Build a Better Mousetrap
    Cathy joins a motorcycle gang, and calls on two elderly ladies, purporting to be witches, to ask permission for the gang to use one of their fields for motorcycle meetings. Later the plans of a long- range jamming device turn out to be vital, but things are not quite what they seem.moreless
  • Trojan Horse
    Trojan Horse
    Episode 20
    Steed and Cathy investigate the world of corrupt horse racing.
  • The Secrets Broker
    The Secrets Broker
    Episode 19
    One of Steed's associates is murdered. Subsequent investigations by Steed and Cathy reveal the stolen plans of new military weapons in micro-dot form, and Steed narrowly escapes being dropped into the Thames wearing a 'cement overcoat'.
  • Mandrake
    Episode 18
    Steed attends the funeral of an old friend at a lonely cemetery in Cornwall. Arsenical poison is suspected.
  • The Wringer
    The Wringer
    Episode 17
    Agents have been dying, and Steed is accused of being a traitor. The head of the brainwashing unit to which Steed is sent is a man nicknamed 'The Wringer', who plans to create havoc within the Service.
  • The Little Wonders
    The Little Wonders
    Episode 16
    The Criminal organisation known as Bibliotek endeavour to enlist Steed into their ranks. They plan to kill their head, the Bishop of Winnipeg, and take over the organisation which is built along the lines of Murder Incorporated masquerading as a church.
  • The White Elephant
    The White Elephant
    Episode 15
    Snowy, a white elephant, is stolen from the zoo. Cathy joins the staff at the zoo, where she finds that an illegal ivory trade has been occurring.
  • Dressed to Kill
    Dressed to Kill
    Episode 14
    All of the UK's early warning stations are alerted for World War III, but turn out to be a false alarm. During the course of their investigations, Steed and Cathy attend a fancy dress ball on a train, Steed disguised as a gambler and Cathy as monk and later as a highwaywoman.moreless
  • Death A La Carte
    Death A La Carte
    Episode 13
    Emir Abdulla Akaba is visting London for his annual medical check-up, but Steed believes that somebody at the hotel where he is staying will attempt to poison him. Steed suspicions turn out to be correct.
  • Don't Look Behind You
    Cathy is invited to spend a weekend at the home of Sir Cavalier Resagne, an authority on medieval costume. However, Sir Cavalier has a more sinister reason for inviting Cathy to his home. Will Steed arrive in time to rescue her?
  • The Golden Fleece
    The Golden Fleece
    Episode 11
    Steed and Cathy investigate a Chinese restaurant which is being used as a cover for international gold and ammunition smuggling.
  • The Grandeur That Was Rome
    Steed and Cathy discover that the grain distributed by United Food and Dressings Ltd., has been deliberately infected with ergot. While making enquiries, Cathy is caught breaking into the UFD laboratory, and Steed must rescue her before she becomes a guinea pig for a new strain of bubonic plague.
  • The Medicine Men
    The Medicine Men
    Episode 9
    After the murder of a girl in a Turkish bath, Steed visits a pharmaceutical company, Willis Sopwith, which is losing money due to the sale of imitation products on their foreign markets. Steed and Cathy discover a plot which will cause illness and death in overseas markets, destroying the goodwill of Willis Sopwith and of Great Britain.moreless
  • Second Sight
    Second Sight
    Episode 8
    Blind millionaire Halvarssen brings two eye corneas from Switzerland, which purportedly come from a live donor, Hilda Brauer. Subsequent investigations by Steed and Cathy reveal that all is not as it seems.
  • The Gilded Cage
    The Gilded Cage
    Episode 7
    Cathy is arrested for the murder of criminal mastermind J.P. Spagges. Steed assures her that he will do everything possible to clear her name. Subsequent events reveal that Spagges is not dead, and that an elaborate robbery has been planned. Steed goes undercover.
  • November Five
    November Five
    Episode 6
    The winning candidate for the by-election of South-East Anglia, Michael Dyter, is murdered just as the results of the by-election are being read out. Cathy Gale decides to stand in the by-election caused by his death, and Steed acts as her election agent. They discover that the government had failed to investigate the theft of a nuclear warhead, and that Dyter had threatened to expose a cover- up by some leading Government officials.moreless
  • Death of a Batman
    Death of a Batman
    Episode 5
    Steed attends the reading of the will of Wrightson, his one time batman and is astonished to find out that the man had accumulated a vast fortune. Steed and Cathy decide to investigate.
  • The Nutshell
    The Nutshell
    Episode 4
    The Director of Operations (Disco) directs Steed and Cathy to The Nutshell, an underground shelter to be used by security forces in the event of World War III. Subsequent events suggest that Steed is a traitor, and eventually he gives himself up. It is left to Cathy to save the day.moreless
  • Man with Two Shadows
    Steed meets a man named Borowski who has been brainwashed. Borowski speaks of 'doubles' of scientists and politicians being smuggled into the country. Eventually, Steed finds that the next 'double' will be himself.
  • The Undertakers
    The Undertakers
    Episode 2
    Steed investigates events at the Adelphi Park Rest Home where all the inhabitants are millionaires who have all signed over their fortunes to their next of kin in order to evade death duties. Cathy, works undercover at the home as Assistant Matron, and Steed poses as a funeral director.
  • Brief for Murder
    Brief for Murder
    Episode 1
    Steed is charged with the murder of Cathy Gale after she alleges that Steed was implicated in a case of treason. Steed is defended by two solicitors, Japer and Miles Lakin, who had earlier advised Steed on the best method of murdering Cathy Gale.