The Avengers

Season 5 Episode 9

The Correct Way to Kill

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 1967 on ITV

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  • Old enemies declare a truce with Steed and Emma to find out who's against both sides.

    An organization devoted to turning out proper British gentlemen is connected with murders of Russian agents - well, it's an "un-named foreign power", but they drink a lot of vodka and wear fur hats. Steed and Emma, finding themselves blamed for the deaths, become temporary allies with their usual opposition to find out just who's behind the divide-and-conquer tactics being employed. That the head of this mystery force is referred to only as "the Boss" - a nickname of Stalin's - provides a clue. The various Russkies are all immensely stereotypical, and Anna Quayle as the "Russian Emma" has clearly taken a long look at Greta Garbo's performance as Ninotchka, but the subversive suggestion that posh, ultra-British public schoolboys and roughneck Russian Commies are pretty much the same underneath the surface is very bracing, and the detail is nice. How pleasing that Olga should be bound and gagged with a large number of old school ties, and how apt that the root of all evil isn't ideology, but simple greed.