The Avengers

Season 4 Episode 3

The Cybernauts

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1965 on ITV
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Episode Summary

The Cybernauts
A vastly strong, bullet-proof killer homes in on and destroys several electronics executives. Could it have something to do with Dr. Armstrong's automated work place? Or with the activities of a nearby karate school...

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  • An automated assassin is on the prowl - can Steed and Emma stop him?

    One of the most famous of all "Avengers" episodes, one so well-liked and fondly-recalled that it led to two sequels in later years. Once Michael Gough appears (halfway through the story), there's not much mystery left in the yarn, but his mad-scientist act is so charismatic that he dominates the whole show. The implications of the performance are not a little disturbing, especially when this segment is seen today, after some of the predictions Gough makes have come true. It's a pity that the business of the Cybernaut assassin stalking Emma is so drawn-out (and flatly directed), but in all other respects this is one of the great "Avengers" stories.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Steed: (about the victims) All up in the top bracket.
      Emma Peel: Where the vultures gather.
      Steed: Meaning?
      Emma Peel: Few reach the top without making enemies.

    • Armstrong: (about his cybernauts) The ultimate in human achievement!
      Steed: Human? A cybernetic police state? Push button bobbies? Automated martinis? Remote control olives?

    • (Steed is holding a shotgun with a very bent barrel)
      Mrs Peel: For the man who has everything?
      Steed: For delivering that parting shot, bang! It's unique, isn't it? Whichever way you aim it, you hit the chandelier!

    • Mrs Peel: I must say I can't wait to meet Oyama – tall mountain.
      Steed: What's he got that I haven't got?
      Mrs Peel: A hobby.
      Steed: Archaeology? Philately? Knitting?
      Mrs Peel: Splitting doors.

    • Lambert: Well, I think Armstrong was built with a slide-rule in his mouth. I'm sure his first words were "pi r squared."

    • (Steed identifies the flaw in his capabilities as a secret operative)
      Steed: It's that casual air of elegance, it always betrays me.

    • Sensai:Some of my students can split a roof tile with one finger. And one, who we call Oyama, 'The Tall Mountain', can shatter a door with a single stroke. It is difficult for a woman to compete in such company.
      Mrs. Peel: It's the idea of competition that appeals to me.
      Sensai: Then I suggest that perhaps fencing would be more suitable to your purpose.
      Mrs. Peel: I think not.
      (Mrs. Peel proceeds to fight an experienced opponent and easily defeats her)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Several actors appear uncredited in this episode, including John Franklyn Robbins, Katherine Schofield, Diane Clare and Lucille Soong - each of whom has a larger role than Gordon Whiting, who is credited.

    • This episode introduces the Cybernauts. They were to recur as The Avengers' nemesis in two other episodes: 'The Return Of the Cybernauts' (season 5, episode 17) and 'The Last of The Cybernauts…?' ('The New Avengers' season 1 episode 3.)