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The series was originally supposed to premiere September 1, according to Hulu's website. However, they delayed it a week, and ran two episodes this week.

In "Seaman's Revenge", it's been almost a year for us viewers, but very little time has passed for our heroes. They're taking a day off from dealing with PRICK and the alien invasion, and enjoying a trip to Oceanland. However, when dolphins with frickin' lasers on their heads launch an attack, no one is safe! The team minus Hotwire and Perfect Man (now a full team member), head to the undersea city of old Awesome member Seaman. This unleashes a horde of Seaman puns at Gadget Gal's expense, and they soon discover that Seaman is behind the attacks as revenge on the surface world. Hey, it's right there in the title.

Muscleman isn't captured because he's dating a mermaid: top half fish, bottom half woman. As the other "normal" mermaids note, they can never seem to get dates with men. Wonder why? After a very brief homage to Little Mermaid's "Under the Sea," Muscleman falls in with a group of fish activists, freed his teammates from captivity, and Prock defeats Seaman due to the latter's love of bad puns. And Perfect Man and Hotwire play Skee-ball.

At the same time, Mr. Awesome is turning evil thanks to a transfusion of Malocchio's blood. He sends Malocchio to Earth to warn the world, but that doesn't work out well. The first episode ends with Mr. Awesome entering the Awesomes' base.

S03E02, "Villain-Tine," has Mr. Awesome reintroducing himself. So much for his plan to destroy the world: he settles for discrediting his son's team from the inside. Mr. Awesome takes control of Hotwire's Metal Fella suit and sends it on a date with Prock, who thinks that it's a strangely quiet Hotwire inside. Meanwhile, the rest of the team battle the evil Villain-Tine, who can make people fall in love and strikes on Valentine's Day to hijack rose shipments and sell them for enormous markups.

The team tries to stop him, the Metal Fella suit goes on a rampage, and Muscleman turns down a date with Catlady. She responds by attacking the city with a giant cat. The city is torn apart in these titanic struggles, and no one knows that Mr. Awesome is behind it all as part of his evil scheme.

And... Malocchio is picked up by an alien 60s band, loses his memory, and becomes their chef.

If this is all sounds insane to you, then you're not familiar with The Awesomes. This half-hour animated superhero comedy features a team of unlikely heroes led by Prock, a genius leader whose time-stop power is secret and slowly kills him if he uses it. He's also the son of Mr. Awesome, a near-parody of Superman, so has image issues.

The subplots and characterizations carry over from last year without hesitation. Prock is still in love with Hotwire, and seems to have actually got the girl. Mr. Awesome is evil due to a transfusion of evil from his old friend and enemy Dr. Malocchio, Muscleman is stupid, Impresario is a momma's boy, Frantic is batshit crazy, Gadget Gal is still a woman of the 40s with the body of a 25-year-old.

Of the two episodes, "Seaman's Revenge" is the better. It has a funny running gag with the Seaman/semen routine, it has some social commentary about animal rights activists, and it reintroduces the show to old and new viewers alike. It has just enough oddball weirdness--Impresario being a former swimming champion, Frantic liking Whaley the Killer Whale, Seaman liking horrible fish puns--to be entertaining. It might be a bit over the top, but The Awesomes usually is.

"Villain-Tine" isn't as interesting. It's a standard "villain secretly discredits the heroes" plot. Not that Awesomes doesn't use standard comic book plots to hang a bunch of jokes on. However, the jokes here aren't quite as funny. We also don't find out much about the main villain, Villain-Tine. We didn't find out a whole lot about Seaman in the previous episode, either. However, as a takeoff of Aquaman and one or two identifying characteristics, we don't need a whole lot. At least they gave us something to hang a characterization hat on. In this episode, not so much.

Malocchio is also off the board, amnesiac and heading into deep space. Bill Hader is one of the most entertaining actors on the show, so minimizing his part doesn't seem like a good idea.

"Villain-Tine" isn't a bad episode, but it's not nearly as laugh-out-loud as either its predecessor, or Season 2 in general.

The writers also seem determined to hit us over the head with Frantic being gay this year. "You see? You see? We do have a gay character!" I prefer Concierge's response when someone thinks she's gay. "I am not gay. I am practical."

Everyone except Tim/Sumo gets some moments, and there are some nods to continuity. Mademoiselle Hunchback is still living in the city after Paris was destroyed, and is still Impresario's high-maintenance girlfriend. Turns out Perfect Man dated two volleyballs. Concierge hates Valentine's Day.

I'm looking forward to the remaining episodes as always. Awesomes isn't exactly a must-see show, but if you like superheroes and comedy, it's the show to watch. Tuesdays on Hulu, be there.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Sep 14, 2015
I don't really see it, Frantic needed more of a niche and they couldn't have gay jokes as often unless it was a villain. Frantics kinda dumb, but thats muscle mans thing, so yeah he's gay and they will make jokes about it like Gadget Gals oldness, Impresario and Tim's ethnicities. Its part of the humor of the series.

Gay jokes are just part and parcel of that. And to use that, you kinda need a gay character. And just like the other things its going to come up a lot because it will be one of those things the others will make fun of or comment on. It adds to the humor of the show. I mean Gadget gal is a racist who constantly is offensive to the team, thats the humor of the show. Its hard to see that and conclude that Frantic's gayness isn't part of that.
Sep 14, 2015
Frantic isn't dumb, he's insane.
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