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Since nobody else mentioned it, the first two episodes of season 2 premiered Monday, August 4, on Hulu. "Hotwire's Funeral" and "The People vs. Perfect Man."

So what are the first two episodes like, after last year with the team saving the world?

They're kind of a slow burn, unfortunately. In "Hotwire's Funeral", only 30 days have passed--the legally mandated period for a super-type to be declared officially dead--and we get a last will & testament video from Dr. Malocchio to his family. Bill Hader is arguably the funniest part of the show, and Malocchio the most spot-on comic book parody of a super-villain, so this scene was probably the best of both episodes, with lines like, "And please donate my body to science. But only if it's evil science." Since the second episode implies Malocchio isn't quite dead yet, hopefully Bill Hader will be back.

Anyhoo, Giuseppi Jr. is the only good Malocchio. Although this isn't made clear why if it was only the serum that makes people evil. Giuseppi Sr. leaves him his superpower/evil tendencies serum, and Giuseppi Jr. goes back to working in an accounting firm where he's hated. At Hotwire's funeral, a drunken Prock still mourning his girlfriend's death points out how similar he and Giuseppi are, and that they're both losers but at least he has an adventurous life. This leads Giuseppi to take the serum, gain sonic-screaming powers, and became Purseman, thanks to the unisex flying purse (??) his mother gives him.

So the Awesomes have to fight Giuseppi and not do very well. At the same time, they have to deal with a new vigilante, Metal Fella. Prock wants to bring him in, unaware that it's actually Hotwire wearing a full-body suit of armor. Giuseppi's powers fade out on their own for some reason, Prock accepts Metal Fella without knowing Hotwire is and the story ends.

In "People vs. Perfect Man", the focus is kind of on the obnoxious Perfect Man. The government has decided to make an example of him by prosecuting him for the crimes he committed while under Malocchio's mind control. They decided to make Perfect Man a racist, which along with Gadget Girl is probably one racist too many on the show. After tough-as-nails foul-mouthed prosecutor Jaclyn Stone (Amy Poehler) inexplicably puts an incompetent witness on the stand and defense attorney Prock breaks him down (he's a pie-cologist instead of a psychologist), Jaclyn goads Perfect Man into claiming he was responsible by suggesting that he isn't responsible for anything.

Since the team want PM as a member they decide to break him out of prison while he awaits transfer to the Pharmacy Zone, probably the funniest gag of both episodes. In this parody of Superman's Phantom Zone, you spend eternity waiting in line at a pharmacy counter. Prock goes on a date with Jaclyn to provide the team with an alibi, while they go in undercover dressed as plants (don't ask) and Concierge spearheads Prock's break-in plan and then comes up with her own plan when that falls through. Meanwhile, Prock bores Jaclyn with his car-breaking-down stories but picks a fight with her to stall, and they end up in bed. The team makes Concierge their seventh government-required member and about time. Oh, and Hotwire tries to be Prock's boy chum and has to look on as Prock and Jaclyn link up.

The focus is mostly on Prock in both stories, and the guest characters like Giuseppi and Jaclyn. Frantic and Muscleman get a few good lines, Impresario and Gadget Girl are barely there, and Tim barely appears.

So like I said, it's a slow premiere mostly concerned with setting up a few major plot lines like Hotwire's secret crimefighting career and Prock's love life. It seemed a bit unfocused without the overriding Malocchio conquer-the-world plot, so hopefully they either bring him back or come up with someone to replace him.

There are a few laugh-out-loud lines. Muscleman confused "mmm-Oreo" with "memorial" and wonders if they'll have cookies at Hotwire's memorial. The parody of Tony Stark, who has found a way to convert used cell phones into clean water, is strange but funny. But not as many as you might hope. It's more mid-season 1 funny than early and late season 1 when the writers were at their best.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?

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