The Awesomes

Season 3 Episode 3

Les MiserAwesomes

Aired Tuesday 3:00 AM Sep 15, 2015 on Hulu



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    • Tim: Do you guys know anything about musicals?
      Concierge: Yes. Musicals are a combination of acting, singing, and dancing, that tend to diminish the quality of all three disciplines. People who like them tend to be on the dumb side.

    • Concierge: Everything is sung in a musical. It's equal parts inefficient and stupid.
      Frantic: You said that about me once.
      Concierge: And?

    • Hunchback: You did not save me any bread?
      Impresario: I didn't know that was my job.
      Hunchback: I am sleeping with you, so give me what I want. Right now, I want bread.

    • Perfect Man: A lot of people said I shouldn't help rebuild Paris. I was told that you were arrogant, uppity, unappreciative. But you reminded me of someone I love: me.

    • Luxem-Borg: Did you hear about the helicopter that crashed in a Belgian cemetery?
      Tim: No.
      Luxem-Borg: The rescue teams have found over two hundred and sixty dead people. Why wasn't Jesus born in Belgium?
      Concierge: Why?
      Luxem-Borg: God couldn't find three wise men. Have you ever tried Belgian kissing?
      Tim: Uh, no.
      Luxem-Borg: It's like French kissing, but more Flemish.

    • Gadget Gal: (signing) They want us gone, what do I care? These Frogs can kiss my derriere.

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