The Awful Truth

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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Theme: Find Clinton a Job
      This Episode's Segments:
      Roe vs Wade, R.I.P.: Moore tries to figure out why women cannot do not have the right to choose.
      Population Explosion: The team tries to find President Clinton a new job after he leaves office in 2001.
    • Theme: Gulf War
      Theme: Gulf War
      Episode 11
      This Episode's Segments:
      Saddamized: Moore sells to sell Iraq oil for 6 cents.
      It's All in Your Head: Gulf War veterans have complained about illness that have acquired due to the war. However, the US Department of Veterans Affairs refuses to take action.
    • Theme: Store the Homeless
      This Episode's Segments:
      Design For Living: Correspondent Karen Duffy takes New York tourists to the 70th Precinct to tell about the misery taken place.
      Thou Shalt Not...: Michael asks a bill's co-signers what the 8th Commandment after they sponsor a bill for to display the Ten Commandments on public schools.
      Affirmative Action: Moore looks at America's biggest benefiter of affirmative action- Presidential Candidate George W. Bush.moreless
    • Theme: Replacement Mike
      This Episode's Segments:
      No Side Effects: Correspondent Jay Minor sprays City Hall after the West Nile Virus spread throughout the New York area and killed 3 people.
      We Still Love NY: Moore uses some of New York Department's investigation technqiues to fight against corporate corruption.
    • Theme: Stop and Frisk Night
      This Episode's Segments:
      No Trials Necessary: Moore goes to Nevada County in California to convince people to give up their rights to go to jail.
      No Intelligence Necessary: Correspondent Jay Martel tries to reason why a person was denied of being a cop after passing the entrance test with a high-IQ.
    • Theme: Dixie Flag Night
      This Episode's Segments:
      Molson Loses Its Head: Correspondent Ben Hamper investigates the cultural differences between Barrie, Ontario (where Molson Brewing closed a brewery and moved jobs to Toronto) and Toronto, as this was the reason given why Molson refused to relocate its workers to Toronto.
      Corporate Cops: Mike sets up a "neighborhood watch" around C. R. Bard Pharmaceuticals in Murray Hill, NJ. Three of Bard's executives were found guilty of manufacturing defective heart valves that resulted in several deaths, and all have evaded jail.moreless
    • Theme: Taxi Driver
      This Episode's Segments:
      Whitey Can't Ride: Michael Moore decides to only pick up African-Americans when he is a taxi driver for one day.
      Low Heels for Ho Heels: Correspondent Tariq "K-Flex" Nasheed goes to Washington D.C. to talk to Congressmen about accepting lobbyist money.
      Male Apartheid: Moore decides to compare the apartheids between America and South Africa.moreless
    • Theme: Ficus For Congress
      This episode deals with a candidate for a House Of Representatives seat in New Jersey - a ficus plant.
    • Theme: German Vacation Night
      This Episode's Segments:
      Got It Maid!: Moore shows Ken Starr how to perform a cost-effective witch hunt.
      HMO Funeral: Immigrant maids working for a Holiday Inn Express in Minneapolis, MN organized a union. But before contract negotiations had begun, Holiday Inn called the INS and tried to have them deported.
      BMW (BREAK MY WINDOWS): Sal Piro, the "Awful Truth" Bill Collector goes to BMW's US offices to confront executives with a former slave laborer who worked in BMW's German factories during World War II. The issue: BMW failed to compensate slave laborers that worked in its factories during the war.moreless
    • Theme: Help The Dead Guy
      This Episode's Segments:
      Immoral Majority: After Mayor Giuliani passed a law that 60% of items must be non-porn in a pornographic store, Michael Moore sets up a store to test the law.
      Seniors Strike Back: Correspondent Karen Duffy teaches seniors how to defend themselves.
    • Theme: Compassionate Conservative Night
      This Episode's Segments:
      Don't Shoot, It's Only a Wallet: In response to NYPD officers shooting African-Americans because they thought their wallets were a gun, Moore creates an "African American Wallet Exchange".
      Sibling Rivalry: Correspondent Jay Martel goes to Florida to witness an execution in Florida. He investigates the fast-growing executions in states of Texas and Florida governed by Bush brothers, George and Jeb.moreless
    • Theme: Advertiser Appreciation Night
      Throughout this episode, former convicts endorse popular products.

      Presidential Mosh - The first presidential candidate to jump in "The Awful Truth" mosh pit wins the endorsement of the show.

      Gun Crazy: Correspondent Jay Martel introduces Pistol Pete, a purple pistol who teaches kids about the way handguns are used in 2000. (NOTE: This segment can be considered the genesis to Moore's 2002 movie "Bowling For Columbine".)moreless
  • Season 1