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  • I think it is great to show teens what the real life is. But I wish that it was more real. Like having to work a week before getting paid. Haing to take care of a child for more than a few days.

    I like this show. I thought it was a good way to show teens a pinch of reality. Having to pay reant and buying all the food. If I had the chance I would put my baby and toddler in this show. I wish I would have done this how before having kids. I probley would have waited longer than I did. But I wouldnt trade my kids for nothing. This SHow was a wonderfull idea and I hope it doesnt stop. All realtionships have probelms and you just have to work through them if you want to stay together.
  • i loved this show it was about when you have a child you still have to go to work and still come home. take care of your children. i loved this show and i am sad that none of them are still together.

    i really liked this show it shows a breif way of how marriage and life withkids are. i am just sad none of them are togethre any more. i really enjoyed this show. i wish austin and keley could have work out there problems, because they remind me of me and my husband. we desagree but by the end of they day we are there for each other. i just wish the show did not end that way. it sad to see all of them break up. i hope they make another one i will be looking forward to watch it.
  • Good show.

    This is a really good show. I like how they put teens on who think having a baby would be cool and let them try for themselves, parenting. It's interesting every time I watch the show. The show deals with everything (almost) a parent would go through, like misbehaved childrens, break-ups, etc.
    This show definitely would influence anyone who wants a baby in a good way and sometimes in a bad way.
    The good ways are seeing how the people dealing with the kids are stressful and sometimes not so fun. The bad influence are: it might make teens more excited to have a baby after seeing some good times in that parenting period.
    Well, that's my review.
  • the show does not deplict real lifes of young couples! wheres the ordinary struggles? can they pay rent and bills if the show lasted 30 days maybe would find out and hey what about minium wage who makes 100 dollars a day?

    it shows how immature they are and unready for real adult decisions real life isnt as easy on minumum wage nor when your living in a less glamorus house i didnt see any real (life)problems like were out of food for 2 more days till payday or got paid today and now where broke after paying the utility bill how am i getting to work the car has a flat tire..the babys on the last diaper. the show makes life look much easier then it really is you made it to easy on them and yet there falling apart the majority of young couples dont have it so easy, better luck next season.
  • I think this is all wrong!! in real life you have to worry about bills,rent, car payments, ect. this show dont even pay minimum wage like real life does oh you worked today here is $100. I am 18 myself & i wish life was as easy as this show makes it seem.

    This show sucks its not even based on real life! I am 18 myself and i wish i could work and get handed $100! They just have to babysit they dont have to worry about making bills, rent, and car payments, let alone gas, and enough groceries to get by. This show should be based on those facts and trying to get by life real life people have to do that have kids not see all you have to do is babysit and thats how easy it is. I love the show but it needs to face real life and real life situations.
  • These children need to wake up to the real world!!!

    These children need to wake up to the real world!! When it is your own baby, there is NO days off!! They puke and pee every day, several times a day every day from the moment they are born and NEVER stop!!!After 3 days, it will still be there. Grow up first before, having any children!!! Have fun, so when you do have children it doesn't seem like you are missing everything!!!! You might want to save a lot of money too, children cost of ton of money!!!! Plus, who ever is working can not say ( I do not feel like working today you go instead). That part of this show is a laugh, plus to get paid a $100. a day for the work they are doing. Get real!!
  • This show shows exactly why teenagers should not be encouraged to sleep together...they obviously are not anywhere near ready for the responsibility that their actions would require of them.

    Let's see...let's have two teenagers (not called adults for a reason) play house and even sleep in the same bed and then show the world why they are no where near mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes along with having sex, not only affecting their lives forever but those of children who deserve to have parents who are willing, able and ready to love and raise them and give them the best start to life. Yes, there are always exceptions, which is why "exceptional" is a form of that word, because exceptions are exceptionally rare. So who thought of this ridiculous show at the expense of our future generations???
  • freak yes! amazing. I am obsessed!

    I AM ADDICTED! I think about the baby borrowers 24/7. I eat, sleep and breath this show and I never ever ever miss an episode, even if it's a re-run! The baby Borrowers is my new best friend and I'm not sure I could live without it. It is one of the best reality shows on television. It's extremely entertaining watching this show and how they deal with adult life and situations. You feel as if your there, with them. There is absolutely no flaws in The baby Borrowers. I love whoever created this. I am obsessed and addicted. I can't get enough!
  • What could be more fun then watching teens go crazy taking care of other people.

    This show is amazing, it helps the teens on the show get a taste of taking after not only babies but todlers, preteens, teenagers, AND OLD PEOPLE! this show is very amusing watching how one teen couple deals with there kids vs. another. In the show they watch the kid(s) for about 3 days while the parents of the children watch how they are treating their children. A lot of crazyness goes on. you should deffinatly watch this show if you like supper nanny and nanny 911. They are very simmmiler shows. I cant wait to see other seasons of the show in the future.
  • Good show awful parents.

    I love this show. I think everyone who is going to try to become a parent should be forced to undergo this experiment. Finally, a reality show where the point is not to embarrass everyone in sight, but rather to show teens how hard real life is. I was glad to see that the parents will be able to watch from closed circuit television and step in when necessary, and that a qualified nanny is present in case of emergency.

    As for the teens...well, I only hope they learn something QUICK! Kelly & Austin. I think Austin is doing a decent job. He's not stellar, but he's young and he's trying. I say good for him in going to the class in spite of Kelly's attitude and refusals. He's holding up to his end of the experiment (and then some - he wasn't required to wear the pregnant suit, he did that to make Kelly feel better). Speaking of Kelly...SO not impressed. After her immature little hissy fit over the pregnancy belly, she seemed more like a baby than the actual infants. Personally, I think if she wasn't going to wear the belly to simulate pregnancy, she should not have been allowed to participate in the next step. Sure, she likes the baby (at least, at first) - but pregnancy is kind of a key step, she can't just opt out. This is about having a baby of your own, not adopting one. Yes, the belly is uncomfortable. That's the idea. She is doing very well taking care of the baby...but that first meltdown was pretty scary. Austin, good job. Kelly, grow up.

    Morgan & Daton. Well, Daton's trying, at least. He doesn't really seem to know exactly how to handle dealing with the baby, but he's reading the book and trying to learn. Morgan needs more patience. She's going 100 mph with Miley, and she's not taking enough time with the actual work part of raising a kid (for example, rushing through "sterilizing" the bottles). Daton, keep learning. Morgan, slow down.

    Kelsey & Sean. I'm pretty impressed with Sean's natural ability to care for Etta, especially since he was the one who didn't think he could do it. That being said...calling Etta "It" has to stop. She's a little girl, not a thing. It's offensive and it's kind of pathetic that a teenager still calls a baby "It". He also doesn't seem to get that you don't say things like "Just let her cry all night." Joking or not, it's not funny, and it's not a good way to be a parent. I also don't believe Sean went into this with the right attitude. It's not even so much about him wanting to prove he's not ready to have kids. He is actually rooting for Kelsey to fail and be miserable, and he's being pretty evil about it. Kelsey, for her part, has completely fallen apart. She's taking easy outs and cop outs around every turn. On the plus side, at least she actually is starting to comprehend just how difficult raising a child is. And this is just three days with the baby, Kelsey - try three years! Sean, accept your role as caregiver. Kelsey, stop taking the easy way out.

    Cory & Alicea. Yikes. These two should be sterilized, or at least Alicea. Cory needs to get used to the "grossness" that comes with parenthood. He's frustrated and it's starting to show in his child care. Alicea...okay, come down from your high horse and understand you are not god. It is NOT all about you. Criticisms from the real parent when you have screwed up (you cannot just tell a baby "Fine, starve") need to be taken as learning experiences, not personal attacks. If you're a parent, you can't just abandon the baby because someone tells you that you need to feed the kid. After seeing her at work, it's very clear that Alicea has an ego that proves that everything is bigger in Texas - I'm fairly certain her ego is much bigger than the entire American Southwest. If she worked for me, she'd be history after the first hour. If that was her baby, I'd be calling Child Protective Services. Both of them need to stop the swearing around the baby - at least the most serious words (the bleeped out words). Cory, relax a little. Alicea...where to start. How about GROW UP!!! The world does NOT revolve around your swollen head. Welcome to reality, "princess".

    Jordan & Sasha. Wow. That's all I can say. They're doing great. They both seem eager to not only prove they can do this, but also to learn and grow along the way. Of course, this is just round one...but if they keep up the way they're going, they will be great parents someday. Still not a huge fan of the idea of teenage parents, but this is the only couple I would feel comfortable leaving my own daughter with. Great work, Jordan and Sasha.

    The parents are dealing with a very difficult situation very well. They provide criticisms when needed, and praise when deserved. They don't intervene too often, which is impressive (if it were my kid, I'd probably have to be restrained so as not to go over every five minutes!). I'll be interested to hear the evaluations.
  • I've watched the first two episodes of the show and it has drawn me in. Interesting how the girls act spoiled rotten and the guys take up all the slack. Most of the girls act like they would rather the guys do it all!

    After watching the first two episodes, first of all let me commend the parents of the children (babies). They are doing a great thing by allowing the world to see how teens react inside the walls of a home when coping with marriage and children! Also, I commend the cast. Allowing taping of their hissy fits, tyraids, and vulgur language that they seem free to use is hysterical! And they think they are ready for marriage??? The best couple is Sasha and her partner. They appear to be levelheaded and are the first to realize what they are up against. Kelly needs to grow up! If my son was dating her....I would say - "Hit the road little girl, come back when you grow up!" Don't know what the deal is with Daton and his girl - something strange going on there. All in all I enjoy the show and look forward to seeing what the new episode brings......
  • I think the snow is decent with a few problems please read my review

    I think the show will teach a lot of teeenagers about wanting to have a baby is not fun as all. Also working and taking of other responsiblity are very hard in the world today. But my main concern is about the show not showing the black couple as much as the white couples. THe camera would go to (Jordan and Sasha) for a second then back to the other couples. This is so unfair that I am considering not watching the show anymore although it is a good show; for all teenagers in the world which I have two whom watched the show with me and they to noticed the hidden racism. Some things will never change. Keep up the good work Joordan and Sasha hang in there. I initally had my comments in capital letters but thats shouting according to the computer I want to be heard.
  • Im not sure what its asking for as far as a summery but i would like to participate in this show with my boyfriend.

    This show is an absolute pleasure of mine to watch. Its probably one of the best reality shows ive seen. If teens that are still in middle school and high school out here in florida participated in this show, we'd probably have less teen parents. I only have one question though, How do you sign up with this show? Id like my boyfriend whos 21 and i, 18, to try this to see if we are really ready for adulthood. We were accually talkin about being young parents as soon as possible but watching this show makes me think that maybe we need to take a test like what this show gives to see if we are really ready now.
  • I wouldn't call it great tv exactly.

    While I wouldn't call it ground break television, as it seems the producers expect it to be, but it is certainly entertaining to see what teenagers think of adulthood and parenthood. When the teens were first introduced, they all seemed frighteningly inept! And, most of them really are. However, Cory and Alicea from Texas were the WORST! Alicea was flat out nasty with the mother of the child left in their care. She was also almost cruel to the baby. I would have taken my child away from her in a heartbeat. That aside, I'm not sure this social experiment will have the same impact that people are expecting. Some of the teenagers seem very determined to make it work. Also, real parents get more than 3 days to learn their baby before it turns into a toddler then a school age child to a teenager. It's a pressure cooker designed to make them fail. Bottom line: regardless of whether the "social experiment" is valid or well designed, teenagers are too young to be parents and have no idea what real life is like. Kudos for trying!
  • I'm in!

    I think it sounds interesting and hopefully it will help to educate young people about the difficulties of parenthood...especially teens! In light of what has happened in MA, the timing is perfect. I know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding this show, but I don't really understand why. Parents were nearby throughout the entire filming process. NBC wouldn't allow babies to be in jeopardy. Anyway, tonight will tell all as the season begins. Again, i hope it can help educate. I wouldn't mind showing clips to my Human Development classes. It will be a great discussion starter.
  • well, from what I have seen it's a true test...

    Many young people seem to think they can handle anything. their chutpah often bites them in the butt once they discover that something like raising a child is an entirely different challenge. this show baby boomers really tackles that issue... in real life. With sports, extra curriculars, the SATS, and the rest of life staring them in the face these teens often feel "how much worse could it be?" toss a hungry, crying baby into the mix and we will see. just tune into NBC to find out. I know I will because if nothing else it is an interesting social experiment.
  • sneak peak!

    These teenagers need to be watching the NBC's new show called Baby Barrowers to see how hard it's like to be a parent. I think NBC is doing a great job at trying to prevent early pregnancies. this is a nice site…i have some good news…nbc…has this new cool show called Baby Borrowers and I got a sneak peak of that show and I would recommend all the mom's have their teens watch that show and I promise that they will not be getting pregnant anytime soon…!!! Moms and dads should sit together and watch this film...both can learn a lot...!
  • what the fark is this

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh!!!!!!!!! what the hell is the network thinking before this show comes on in a few weeks how in gods name does NBC came up with this on a Monday night just the to put on to follow Nashville Star. Pleaseeeeeeeeee for one it is a great idea to put a this idea but trying to get five teen couples who are want to get a taste what life is like in adulthood but problem are they going handle babies to senior citizens this should taught in high school or be a special on NBC instead of a piece crap of a show I don't think so but if want to watch it with your teens fine but talk about it afterwards.